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This paper outlines an eight stage plan that will enable sunshine café promote its brand and increase walk in business.

Situation analysis

Sunshine café is a leading beverages café specializing in coffee and it has a chain of coffee houses. The cafe targets the middle class and thus its coffee houses are strategically located in towns. The café relies on good reputation as its major tool of advertisement. The café has an efficient management that allows close correspondence among the coffee stores.


The objective of the café is to enlarge its current market without deviating from the current business structure that targets the middle class. The café will therefore increase its business in college towns while improving on its service delivery.


The primary audience is the college students while the secondary audience is the communities that live in the college towns.  The message that should be directed to the students will be that of affordable beverages and quality service.


The café will have coffee stores in strategic locations in the college towns that will enable the college students to easily access the products and services of the café.  The service quality will be excellent to encourage the customers to return.


College students are young and dynamic; the tactics to be used will include advertisement through the social media. The café will also have well designed brochures, the café stores should have wireless internet connectivity, and this will be very attractive to college students.


This plan should be rolled out in January; a review should be made after one month. The benefits of increased business should be evident by the third month. After six months the café should be a daring of many college students.


Anticipated income


Proposed expenses


Administrative expenses





Rental Charges




Anticipated surplus




Evaluation of the effectiveness of the outlined plan will be done monthly. The sales value should have increased while brand name will have gained currency. External evaluation will be performed after three months. This will review whether Sunshine café has managed sell its Brand.

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