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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) belongs to the largest Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is also the capital of UAE. It came into existence soon after the independence of UAE (1971), by then it has been serving honestly. ADNOC is not only the largest oil company in the UAE but also ranks among the top 10 in the world.

The structure of ADNOC centers on it being the parent company having three more companies under its shelter with 17 subsidiary companies that serve in efficient way. ADNOC is fully occupied by the government and acts on its policies. It has several fuel stations and drilled machinery to work efficiently. The maximum output in the growth of economic stability comes from ADNOC’s Company. It works both for onshore and offshore. Furthermore, it has maintained its strategies and objectives always in strict action. ADNOC’s mission is to supply best product and service beside satisfying customers.

In addition, ADNOC takes special steps in terms of safety hazards. Being an oil refinery company, it has the responsibility to make sure that the environment is maintained and protected. It works for health, safety and environment projects as well. ADNOC serves socially, i.e. it has many technological institutes and oil refinery study colleges, offering learning and job opportunities for the youth.

Recently ADNOC shines brightly in spite of having global crisis saving billions of profit economically. ADNOC acts as the backbone of UAE and especially for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) as an organization is very successful and reputed in its quality and dealings. ADNOC came into existence soon after the independence of UAE and since then controlled and governed by the government. ADNOC policies set by supreme petroleum council and it is counted as the world’s leading companies, thus working both on national and international level. ADNOC has further three more companies that work under shelter.

As an organization, ADNOC pays more attention towards quality, safety of the environment and the economic stability. Both on-shore and offshore projects are done by ADNOC. It has constructed seven fuel terminals, providing with 400 vehicles. ADNOC’s 150 service stations is handled by more than 3000 staffs.


ADNOC, being a chain distributor across UAE, has always stressed more on its policies and dedicated to its working condition. ADNOC’s mission is always to set ahead when proceeding in their strategies.  Some of the requirements in its mission are as follows:

a)  It urges to further improve the quality of its products and services;

b)  Make a friendly, professional relationship with clients across gulf region;

c)   Never compromise the quality and honesty;

d)  Give a superior quality of oil and satisfy the needs of the nation.


ADNOC group of companies—as the largest in GCC—has always stood up to fight against global warming issues and with human hazards. Being a petroleum company, ADNOC takes cautious steps not to indulge in any fossil fuels unprotected activities and to protect the life cycle. ADNOC’s main goal is to work with health safety environment (HSE).  To achieve this goal ADNOC has also launched a separate project that deals with these issues and concerns.

Product and Services

ADNOC considered diversified group of energy and petrochemical companies. Its core business is about finding, producing and marketing the natural resources oil on which the modern world depends. ADNOC’s main activities include:

  • Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
  • Refining
  • Marketing
  • Supply and transportation
  • Manufacture of petrochemicals

Economic Analysis of ADNOC

Economically,  ADNOC is a very good example for gross domestic progress. Due to a high profit in oil exports and lubricants, ADNOC has made GCC countries internationally the sixth in world for economic league that is higher than European countries. Economically, ADNOC is a major ongoing star of emirates of Abu Dhabi (ADNOC, 2010). Recently ADNOC, despite the economic downturn and crisis, has saved about 20 percent from its project. This has led the economics of the emirates as well as of the company to a huge growth.

Social Analysis of ADNOC

Being economically stable also makes ADNOC equally responsible in social agenda. ADNOC usually works for the benefits of its nation and sponsors many events as well. The social behavior of ADNOC can be highlighted by its immense contribution for petroleum institute along with many social sponsors which are done by ADNOC (like camel race, promoting technology etc…).

Environment Analysis of ADNOC

ADNOC being an oil and gas company has always understood that it has to take benefit step for the health of environment. It has launched a health safety and environment project that would safeguard the health hazard currently and in future. Therefore, ADNOC has been crowned in its excellence of safety environment. Moreover, it is a complete successful place where the safety measures stands first with human rights taken into deep consideration.

Modeling Analysis

We have three oil fields in the Abu Dhabi and each oil field produce a maximum output as indicated in the table above. We are calculating the minimum cost to ship loads of oil from the field to the four stations, hence to satisfy their demand. And the shipping cost from each field to the station is shown.

The total cost is 24,700 for delivering the 30 tones to the four stations. This will minimize the cost of essential goods and service as the oil price is lower since the shipping cost is minimized.


ADNOC is an Abu Dhabi based company that emerged in the year 1973. It is fully guarded by the government and the supreme council that makes the policies. Moreover, it is the largest company in UAE, as compared to other oil companies ranking the top in excellence.

ADNOC being a parent company has developed further three companies to work under its guidance and 17 subsidiary companies. ADNOC works for onshore and offshore as well. Its objective and mission is to provide best products and service and further improve its management with high customer satisfaction. ADNOC works for international projects, due to its high economic profit scale. It has stood among the best European countries.

Politically ADNOC is a leader, as it is government based so it socially makes itself responsible. ADNOC sponsors many events, like camel race, technical institute and in clubs.

ADNOC is crowned with excellence because it has worked on the health, safety and environmental issues. In spite of being an oil company, it has more chances to spread pollution; nevertheless, it ensured that the environment is kept hygienic and clean, i.e. it has developed a project on its environmental protection. Being a huge organization, it has always maintained its standards in terms of quality, meeting demand and supply. No other company is currently competing against ADNOC; many other companies do work efficiently but ADNOC is outstanding in its work and organizational structure; it has many fuel stations with employees ranging from 3000 to 4000 and service station that are around 150 across UAE.

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