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I agree that adapting an enterprise application is a key business decision as well a technology decision. This is because an enterprise application system integrates the businesses process in production, sales, finance, logistics, and human resources into single software. This allows for an uninterrupted flow of communication in the entire business or firm. It further improves efficiency, decision making and coordination of the business activities. A business that has integrated an enterprise application will be in a better position in responding to the increasing customer demands and needs.

The profits of most businesses and companies are under attack. This is due to accumulating level competition. Increasing forces such as aggressive new competitors and increasing global market calls for the integration of technologies into businesses. A business that lacks an enterprise application or technology to complement its operation will have difficulties in realizing its expansion goals. A business that wants to perform better must manage and understand the information about all processes involved in the market place. This is only achievable by the use of technology or enterprise application.

During new enterprise application adoption, decision making process is usually difficult and complex. The business management team is usually tasked with responsibility of identifying and evaluating new enterprise application that may be beneficial to the business operations. The management team oversees all stages of application which ranges from adoption to localization of the application. The team determines and evaluates the strategic value and potential savings that can result from the adoption of the new enterprise application, as well as advancement of competitive advantage of the business. The management team also decides on the extent in which the new technology is adopted with regard to the business requirements. For instance, a large business may need extensive integration with existing information system such as intranets and database. In addition, IT auditors are normally involved in decision making. They evaluate and compare the long term application requirement with the cost saved. This ensures that decision made serves the best interest of the organization application requirements.

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