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Why I Choose Nike Brand?

I chose Nike brand for its personality depicting competency and sophistication. Being a football lover, I have always bought Nike shoes and other accessories such as footballs, Nike shirts, shin pads, etc. All Nike products have features of dependability and efficiency. By wearing Nike shoes I feel more dependable, and those shoes and other accessories are really very sophisticated. Nike truly stands out from the rest of its competitors in terms of superior brand qualities.

Nike never fails to provide more innovation to its products (Salzman et al.). It started in the 21 century with T 90 laser, then changed it into T 90 Shoot, and then into Mercurial Vapor which was made famous by Cristiano Ronaldo, and Nike Tiempo which was made famous by Ronaldinho. The next step was creating all styles mix by Nike CTR. The brand always has an element of surprise.

This makes people guess what Nike will come up with next. This always adds excitement to its new products which are really innovative. Recently, Nike launched the production of new football shoes during the 2010 World Cup; they became very popular. Moreover, it was estimated that almost 80% of football athletes were wearing these shoes during the tournament.

Nike shoes are also rugged. Therefore, wherever one may play, grass or plain mud, the shoes will resist the pressure. Moreover, the company provides money-back guarantees. Lastly, Nike has always been sincere with the range of products. It has never occurred that Nike has disbanded the product, once introduced. Furthermore, it always continues the production and improvement of their models.

Nike Brand Personality Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, I would say that Nike is a perfect brand that possesses all brand attributes. Therefore, it is way ahead of its competitors.

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