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Carlsberg Breweries is a brewery company that is found in the United Arab Emirates. The company is situated in Dubai with its headquarters in Dubai Media City. The company is engaged in production and distribution of various brewery products such as wines and beers in the larger part of UAE. The company can use Woopra application in managing its various activities. The application can be used by the company in managing its operation communication activities. Woopra application is new analytical and tracking program that enables the website owners to see the exact path that is followed by different visitors who enter their site. Woopra carry out its activities in real time and the application has chat option as well as the application tends to be friendly to the users. The application has changed the way business is carrying out its operations, especially when it comes to managing their busy sites. If the application is well-applied by the company it will change the way the company conducts its businesses as well as how they do their things in the internet.

Carlsberg Breweries can use Woopra application in its operation management communication. Given that the company is big in size, it definitely needs a communication system that can be in position to handle huge flow of traffic in its website. Given that the company has a website that can enable a visitor to view the various range of products manufactured and distributed by the company, it should be in a position to hold huge inflow of clients and other possible visitors in the company website. The website of the company is designed in a way that one can make online purchases. Therefore, Woopra program will be very effective in managing the operational communication of the company. Considering that the application has the ability to track as well as analyze the visitors who are visiting a website at any given time will be efficient in tracking the huge number of visitors on the company’s website. The application will also play a crucial role in ensuring that the company has effective data of the visitors that are using its website and make appropriate plans to extend the program so that it can handle more people traffic at a future date. The ability of the application to be user friendly makes it more appropriate in managing the operational activities of the company. The company can use the application in tracking the nature of visitors that usually uses its website. Therefore, the application can be used in making timely production and in making marketing decision in the breweries company. The application can, therefore, be applied in sales, marketing and production activities of the company.

Woopra application has a number of benefits while used in the company under review in its operational management communication. First of all, it can enable the management to make appropriate decisions in relations to what needs to be done in order to increase the effectiveness of the companies operation. The application has the ability to track the number of visitors using the company’s website. The collected data can be used in making timely decisions in relation to the required tasks, which should be done to make the company products more appealing to the intended customers. Secondly, the application is user-friendly while making it more appropriate in managing the operational activities of the company and appealing to the users.

Despite the fact that the application has numerous benefits, it also has a number of limitations when applied in management of the company’s operational communications. Firstly, the application is very expensive when the company intends to create multiple websites. Secondly, the applications do not have a well-developed customer support program making it ineffective to respond to the problem arising from the usage of the program. Finally, the application has no instructions on how to use it making it hard to be used by new users.

Statcounter is another application that can be used instead of the Woopra application. The application has the capacity to handle huge traffic from multiple sites. The application is one of the best analytical programs among others. Its capacity to effectively track and analyze traffic that is flowing in a given website makes it a better option that can be used iinstead of Woopra application. Statcounter application has been widely used in organizations with multiple sites due to its ability to interface traffic from all the sites effectively. When it comes to effectiveness of the two applications, then Statcounter is more effective in storing large amounts of data and analyzing the data on time without any delays. The program is user-friendly and used in organization that runs multiple websites and the websites are integrated in one tracking site. It is also very easy to use in comparison to Woopra application, which has no documentation on its usage. Therefore, it makes it easier to be used by new employees in the organization. On the other hand, the Woopra application is effective in handling and tracking data from small sites.

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