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One of the most successful contenders of the world is CEMEX as it has moved beyond competing lonely by making the cost as its base. And it has also learned to overcome the drawbacks by accessing its resources in the countries which are highly developed. Mexico’s CEMEX has transformed itself in to a diversified business group which is highly focused. CEMEX is now the world’s third largest producer of cement. It is benefited from low production costs to overcome main drawbacks. CEMEX marked off the international markets from listing its shares on the stock exchange of New York.

One of the key competitive benefits which has been bring out by SABI to the brewery market was its ability to maintain acquisition as well as operating costs low .SAB was also called as the lowest cost quality brewery in the world. 

SABI has made its mind to secure the north east region first, as it has the highest consumption of beer in China.

Although CEMEX has sought to be on the front line of information technology aggressively which is a key factor of CEMEX succession .It has made itself one of the world’s lowest cost producers of cement .CEMEX has purchased more additional companies due to which it is on the top of the food chain .

SAB is differ by the CEMEX by its production type as it’s a brewery and CEMEX is a cement producer.

SAB has adopted many of the strategies at different levels but CEMEX strategies are few. Both are the wonderful example of contender from my point of view but SAB is being a extender also in few situations.

I would prefer both the organizations because both are one of the world’s famous and top most producers.  As both enjoys the low cost for compete with other organizations.

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