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The Coca-Cola Amatil Company is an Australian company that was founded in 1902 in Australia. The Company is majorly involved in distributing and bottling Coca-Cola soft drinks. The Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1972. The company has other branches in other countries like. It has over 16,100 employees in these five countries.

Health and wellbeing programs are the measures that are put down by the employers concerning improving the working conditions of the employees to avoid the chronic diseases that might develop in an individual. According to the Luxembourg Declaration on the workplace in 2007, ‘the workplace Health program’ the workplace health program involves the combination of efforts of all the stakeholders involved whom they include the employers, the employees, and the society.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2008), the trends in health status in Australia is improving, however, there are so many cases that are reported concerning health issues among the staff.  The working conditions subject the staff to a lot of pressure which leads to high blood pressure or hypertension in an individual. It is also estimated that there is a high population of obese people in Australia where more than 7.4 million adults have this problem of obesity.

The report provides a program that the Coca-Cola Amatil Company should implement in order to realize its full potential and also remain at the edge of the most competitive companies in Australia. The program is called the recreation, exercise, and general fitness program.

Background Information

Coca-Cola Amatil is one of the biggest companies in Australia. The company has a workforce of more than 16,100 people.  There are various challenges that hinder the Company from attaining its full potential in profit maximization. These problems include absenteeism, staff turnover and decreased productivity. The recreation, exercise and general fitness program is suggested and discussed in this report as a health and wellbeing program. The program is meant to improve the welfare of the employees so that the productivity level of the company increases.

 Benefits of a health and wellbeing program

The Recreation exercise and general fitness program has a lot of benefits to the employers, employees and to the business. It will involve doing various physical exercises. These may include gym activities, running, playing outdoor or indoor games or swimming. The Coca-Cola Company will have to set up a gym, playing ground and a swimming pool where the employees will be trained so that they remain fit for the welfare of other people or the business.

The program will enhance mutual relationships between the employers and the employees. The recreation avenues such as aerobics and gymnasium will provide an opportunity to the stakeholders in the company to interact freely. They will get to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a different environment from their workplace.  The activities such as exercises and games ensure re-energization of mind and body of the stakeholders. The morale of the staffs is enhanced through the exercises that drive away fatigue. The exercises also boost the immunity in an individual. This is beneficial to the health of an individual. The risk of contracting diseases is reduced to physical exercises. This is because physical exercises boost the immunity of a person. The individual become healthier as a result.

The recreation programs also improve the mental capability of an individual when he or she is involved in the physical exercise.The brain becomes more active for an individual who is involved in physical exercises. The individuals will improve their potential in their workplace because their brain will have been stimulated by the physical exercises.

The employees during the physical exercise can realize some of the talents that might be hidden in them. The talents could be nature for the benefit of the individuals and for the benefit of the company. The individual explores the talent and can achieve full satisfaction through continued training. The company on the other hand can benefit from this talent through the marketing of the products of the company.

 What Is Involved For The Organization?

The setting up of the Recreation exercise and general fitness program involves a lot of costs that are involved during the process. They include setting up the building, buying the weight machines, hiring sports trainers and the cost of maintenance of the gym.

The feasibility study is the preliminary study that is conducted on the recreational and fitness program. The study will help an individual to know the viability of a project over a period of time. The company will have to set aside funds aimed at implementing this project. The timeline for its full implementation will be two years.

 The Cost of Setting up the Building

The Coca-Cola Amatil has a high number of employees. The space that is needed for the gym to accommodate all people is big. A big building will therefore be needed.  The cost of setting up the building will cost the company $50,000. This estimation is based on the cost incurred in setting up modern gyms with a capacity of 500 people at any given time.

The Cost of Buying Weight Machines

The main assets in the gym are the weights that the people train with. There are many machines that are supposed to be set up for a gym to operate efficiently. They include;

  • The Exercise Bikes
  • The Elliptical Cross Trainers
  • The treadmills
  • Weights

These training materials which include the machines have a high cost in the marketplace. The total estimate of the machines that are needed in order to keep fit is $65,000.

Risks of the Program

There are various types of risks that are involved with the implementation of the recreational activities that the company would develop in the Coca-Cola Amatil. These risks include the risk of digressing from the objective function of the company, the risk of increase in the operation cost, the risk of injury in the field during the exercise and the risk of time mismanagement. These risks can hamper the operations of the company. In case the program does not materialize, the company will lose a lot of revenue and resources that would have been invested in the program.

 The Objective Function

When a company is being formed it has its own mission and vision. The involvement of the company in too many activities will make it digress from the course in which it was intended when it was being formed. The recreational program will bring activities that are not in the main objective function of profit maximization. This is a risk to the company that can lead huge loss in the capital when the company diverts from the course of action and pursues other goals.

 Increase in Operation Cost

The recreation exercise and general fitness program is not an income-generating activity to the company. The program is an additional cost to the Coca-Cola Amatil Company in Australia. The costs come about as a result of setting up the infrastructures that are needed for the implementation of the process. They include the building in which the exercises will be done, the cost of acquiring the machines that are needed to facilitate the process and the cost of maintenance of the program to enhance program continuity.

The Risk of Injury

During recreation exercise and general fitness activities the employee of the company are participants in the activity. They are exposed to the injury during the exercise. This is a cost to the company because when an employee is injured during a subsidiary activity of the business such as trying to maintain fitness he or she will not be able to perform efficiently the daily activities that he is involved in. This will reduce the capacity of the output that the company gives. The employee who was an asset to the company may be injured during an exercise. This will affect his health and wealth. The person involved in the accident will not be able to perform his duties efficiently

 Risk of Time Management

Time is a critical factor in the production in any industry. The companies seek to maximize the time they have in production of maximum output in the market. For a company to actively involve itself with other activities besides the core activity, the employees and the employers need to be sound in time management. If the parties involved fail to manage the time effectively, the company production will decrease significantly. The company will not be in a position to make the required profits and the level of full employment of the resources in the company would decrease.

Options and Most Feasible Options

The options are the choices that the company has at their disposal. The Company pursues to have the most feasible option during the process of implementing the recreation exercise and general fitness program. The most feasible program is setting up gymnasium. This recreation activity will provide an opportunity to the employees of the company to have ample time after work where they could relax and refresh up. This would improve their physical and mental health. The productivity level of the company will increase and the people will become more attached to the company hence reduced rate of staff turnover is also expected to decrease.


The Coca-Cola Amatil is a company that transacts its business in five countries and is headquarters are located in Australia. The company has come up with a health and wellbeing program in-order to promote the welfare of the employees and the employer in the workplace. The recreational exercise and general fitness is the specific program that the report discusses.

There are various benefits that are accrued from the health and wellbeing program. They include; the development of the mutual relationship amongst the stakeholders’ i.e.one gets to relax their mind for reenergizing, improvement of physical health through exercises and realization of ones’ talent. The program is organized into three phases which include the feasibility study, implementation and reviewing.

There are various costs that are associated with the setting up of the recreation exercise and general fitness which have been narrowed down to gym and aerobics. The estimated cost is $ 460,200 for setting up a classic gym where the company’s staff will be meeting to do exercises. This has a positive relationship with the productivity in a company.

There are various types of risks that faces the implementation of the program. There is a risk of the company digressing, the operation cost, injury during an exercise and risk of time management.

This is the most viable form of improving the health of the employees and the employers of the company. There are various activities that are done in this program all aimed at improving the individual’s health.

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