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A Mission Statement is a fundamental document in any firm or institution (companies, schools, etc.), be it big or small. In a mission statement, an institution expresses to all those involved with it, (customers, employees and the whole world at large) the purpose of it being. This is the ‘answer’ as to why they should be involved with your institution.

A mission statement gives the values shared in an institution and how those values make the end product differently good from any other. It also gives and/ or sets the standards that the clients should expect the products to have. The mission statement also helps to get an institution back on track anytime they go astray. A mission statement achieves all this by giving the reasons as to why the particular organization came into existence, outlining the products and/ or services that the institution offers, stating the clients it targets and it also includes the ‘edge’ that sets apart that particular organization from the rest of its kind. For the employees/ workers, the mission statement is supposed to be inspiring and fulfilling in such a way that the can see their efforts in the final product.

The first Gap store was opened in 1969 in San Francisco by Doris and Don Fisher. On this day it is one of the vast specialty retailers worldwide. The estimated number of its stores is 3,100. The Gap founder Don Fisher said, ” I created Gap with a simple idea: to make it easier to find a pair of jeans. We remain committed to that basic principle.”

Gap Inc Mission Statement

The Gap Inc mission statement states, “At Gap Inc., we never stop moving. It takes thousands of passionate, dedicated and talented employees around the world to deliver the merchandise and shopping experience our customers expect and deserve.” It includes various components like customer component; the mission statement includes the word ‘customers’ to show that the products they offer are consumable. The firm informs that the company offers both goods (merchandise) and services (shopping experience) to their clients. The mission statement states that its employees are all over the world thus explains that the company is global. The company also displays a great concern for their employees by and that is why the mission statement also includes them so as to cause inspiration to them.

Their mission statement is among the best since it incorporates services, products, Unique Selling Points and objectives of the firm. It can actually serve as an inspiration and give ideas to other businesses that may be trying to compose one.

Gap’s Industry Issues and Competition

Due to the changing fashion trends, Gap has found itself with many competitors in the same line of business. Some of their competitors include Abercrombie, American Eagle, Target and Sears. Gap has however managed to keep its brands afloat for all that while.

At Gap, there other issues that the company deals with, these include; environmental issues, employees and communities. They have however modulated a way of dealing with these issues. For instance, they have put in place a factory-monitoring program that checks factory and working conditions so as to curb pollution and working standards. The firm is also working towards reducing their energy consumption rate.

Gap versus Abercrombie

The Abercrombie Mission Statement is “We are committed to providing comfortable and long-lasting clothes that look good.” The Gap’s mission statement is, “At Gap Inc., we never stop moving. It takes thousands of passionate, dedicated and talented employees around the world to deliver the merchandise and shopping experience our customers expect and deserve”. The mission statement is wordy shorter than that of the Gap. This, however, does not make it less expressive. In Gap’s mission statement, they express and emphasize more on the kind of employees making their products and how global their market is whereas, in Abercrombie’s mission statement, the products and how suitable they are is the main emphasis.

Even with the two being retail clothing stores. Both companies started as the best retailers and then introduced have other brands, for instance, Gap has, Athleta, banana republic and Old Navy, Abercrombie has; Hollister, Co.Gilly and HicksRuehl No.925. The reason for this is because their clients vary in age and styles. Thus they have to cater to all the varieties. They also both also came up with kids’ apparel bearing that bears the stores’ brand names. While Gap uses public figures in its print and television advertisements, Abercrombie emphasizes on models that they use in its marketing photography. Gap is said to stock simple, good-looking, well-priced clothing whereas Abercrombie’s clothing line is said to be a little pricier.

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