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The marketing of traditional health care services such as hospital services has matured during the past decade with the integration of research from the medical sociology discipline and the marketing literature. Similarly, more effective marketing strategies for health care packaged goods have been developed by integrating the knowledgebase available in the health care disciplines. Health care systems do not function on their own. On the contrary, it is a system that consists of divisions that provide necessary support to all wings ultimately enabling the service of healthcare to clients referred to as patients. Healthcare system has a team consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers, occupation therapists, case workers, psychologists as well as dietitians. All these health care members provide independent services that are critical for good health of the patient.

For around 30 or fewer years ago, marketing enormously has been introduced into health care organizations-a easy way of addressing an increasingly competitive health care environment. The consumer has responded to these changes in several ways.

The Past and the Future of Health Care Marketing

Since the introduction of effective marketing strategy in the health care marketing,  the consumer behavior has changed. The changes have resulted from change in market structure. Today many consumers have adopted preventive behaviors that do not require the consumer to interact with a health care professional as opposed to some time back. This is especially common amongst the more self-reliant consumers  as explained by Future. Today consumers are able to take more responsibility for their personal health than in the past. Consumers are well educated both academically and through the internet, with a greater understanding of health care and other choices available for them.

Today the market has become consumer-driven, and the health care market is no exception. As a result, today patients are better informed and know more about health and medical services. In fact, there is no time in history have people known so much about health care and medicine as they do today. They are in a position to ask for high quality care and, having become cost conscious, they demand quality care at a reasonable price. Twenty years ago health care was a 42 billion dollars per-year industry. Today total U.S. health care spending tops 662 billion dollars. The health care budget is actually sky rocketing. Kronenfeld, explains that within the context of these changing environments, health care organizations must function and implement their marketing plans. As the environment has changed dramatically during the decade of the 1980s, so to have the general perception of marketing and its role, value, and meaning to the health care organization.

On the argument about health care policy in the United States in discussed in1960s and 1970s there was no system of care. Brown, (1992) further states that part of this argument stressed the waste and inefficiency overall in a situation which includes many competing models of care. Since then the nons-ystem and competing systems were a vital critique for the US system twenty years ago. Based on the free market economic theory, this argument included competition in the provision of any good or service being pivotal in keeping the price of the cost of that service reasonable. It is now different from thirty years ago because most experts and business people are concerned with costs of health and its impact on the overall competitiveness of American industry and products in a global economy.


Advertisements have made people take prescription drugs. They have had the potential to create n artificial demand. People acquire drugs from any shop any time today. They also have the basic knowledge of how they can use most of the drugs.

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