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Hong Kong Airport service is an organization that provides services at the Hong Kong International Airport. The company’s sustainable committee encompasses sub-committees, such as the environmental committee. The environmental performance indicator shows the utilization of resources in the company. Clearly, the company manages the resources rationally. The consumption of electricity is limited. Ceiling lights that consume limited electricity energy are commonly used.  Moreover, the company has a special staff that is keen on turning off the lights after work. Electricity energy is greatly saved by switching off the lights, when not in use. The room temperature refrained to a minimum of 25 degree centigrade. The environmental committee has also adopted an environmental policy in the company. Rules and regulations governed by the policy are maintained in order to manage and sustain the company’s resources. Equipment such as the energy saving printers and servers, LCD monitors aid in saving the electricity energy. The company had to replace the CRT monitors that consume maximum energy. Systems such the real-time task allocation and the fast charging equipment upgrade the effectiveness of the services in the company.

The environmental sector in Hong Kong Airport service upholds waste recycle program.  The recycle program recycles paper for business card and letter paper. Other resources that are recycled include aluminum, plastics, and printer cartridges. The equipment that is used in the company is extensively maintained. The hydraulic hoses are regularly replaced to maximize on effectiveness. Moreover, vehicles are sluiced especially during maintenance. The equipment replacement program emphasize on replacing the diesel equipment with the electric equipment. Electric equipment is fast and efficient. Over the years, the amount of water discharge is controlled.

The Economic Committee and Business Partnership Policy

Since 2007, the company developed a rational business partnership policy. The company has strived to create a sustainable rapport with the customers. During this period, the company also created green procurement. The company provides quality services that boost its economic strength because of the numerous customers. Moreover, the company has built up value for all the stakeholders. In 2010, Hong Kong Airport service developed a benefit scheme that covers insurance, lifestyle support, health, finance, leisure support, and post-retirement. It significantly recognizes the employees’ contribution by creating the benefits plan. The company commenced developing a good numeration of local suppliers in 2008. During 2009, the capacity of local suppliers was over 90 percent. The supplies are scrutinized by an environmental management program.

The social performance indicator indicates that workers engage in safe-working procedures. This is a mechanism that was developed in 2007 to ensure safe working conditions. It has a comprehensive safety arrangement. During this period, standard audits were carried out by internal and external groups. The company arranges yearly activities that unite all the employees. They all join in the organized activities for social engagements. In 2008, Hong Kong Airport service developed a sustainable occupational national health and safety committee. Moreover, the internal and external groups carried safety audits regularly. In 2008, various transactions such as risk assessment, safety communication were performed. There are thorough risk assessments at the check-in counters. They make out any vulnerability of baggage handling. Still, safety communication is significantly enhanced. Communication is carried out through the equipment improvement gathering.

Since 2009, safety information is broadcasted on the electronic notice boards. Other transactions such as screening the equipment, offering medical covers, and engaging in Airfield and baggage Hall Safety Campaign are performed. In 2007, the company began offering its staff education and training on the environmental management system implementation. In 2009, the company began certain programs such as supervisory program, 5 day orientation, and an on-job attachment. Moreover, the sports and recreation committee created the co curricular activities in the company. Hong Kong Airport service engages a career development program that facilitates career growth for the employees. Since 2009, the staff engaged in continuous training and workshops to improve their skills. Hong Kong Airport service also began online learning in the internet for the staff. The company staff engaged in a tree planting challenge at Rsuen Wan Shing Mun. Moreover, Hong Kong Airport service donated to Sichuan Earthquake relief to support the victims. It has an enormous percentage of permanent workers. It continues to hold up and raise money for the local communities. Hong Kong Airport service granted free ground handling service to ORBIS flying Eye Hospital.

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