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When I say that I want to choose business as my major, this means a lot to me. My interest in business is not theoretical, and it is not dictated by films, media, or any glamor that is usually associated with the business. As a descendant from a family where most people are businessmen, I realize that business is about hard work and responsibility. I am lucky to have an opportunity to get advice and knowledge from people who have experience in running companies of their own.

This field looks challenging and exciting to me this is why I would like to follow in their footsteps. I have been told not once that I should inherit the business from my family and become a businessman too. Indeed, this looks as an easy and alluring option, but I prefer looking for my own ways. I believe that my path is to get knowledge and make efforts to create a business of my own, which of course will not be an easy task. However, I am sure that when I achieve what I want, I will be more proud of myself than in case if I just inherit my family business. Thus, people will see me in a different way, as an entrepreneur, not as an inheritor.

Besides, I strongly believe that business is not only about money but it is also about creating and taking opportunities. I think that attending business classes is a way to learn new concepts and approaches, which are perhaps more innovative than those used by my parents. Our world is dynamic, and it takes permanent learning in order to keep up with the pace of changes. Apart from that, business is the field not only for professionals but for personal growth, as well. It is obvious that in order to become a good manager, one has to learn how to deal with people, how to take right decisions and how to be confident in all situations. One has to be able not only to succeed but also to fail with dignity, which means standing up and learning from one’s own mistakes. There is a certain distance between who I am now and who I want to be, and business classes are just one but crucial step in going this distance. Studying in a good university is not only a matter of prestige, it is about the environment, which is both challenging and collaborative. In the course of my studies, I will be happy to meet good teachers who would inspire and empower me in achieving my goals. I will get my degree having good friends from university around me, which is another benefit about students’ life.

My second major choice is architecture, which has been my long-term passion. Even though my major is business in my current community college, I took optional classes in architecture because I was personally interested in learning more about the field. Whenever I walk past magnificent buildings designed by outstanding architects, I admire them and think to myself that it is the job worth of the highest respect. Architecture is attractive to me because one is able to see palpable results of his/her work, which will last for long years and maybe centuries. I dream about having a whole district in the city designed and projected by me, and it apparently takes years of learning and self-improvement. Those would be buildings with different features and shapes, but when they are gathered together, the structure would just set them perfectly together. It would be a great honor for me to stand on top of that structure and feel satisfaction because I am part of this miracle.

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