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Johnson and Johnson is an American international company, which deals with medical and pharmaceutical goods. The company is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the common stock, and it is listed among the fortune 10 in the list of the most admired companies in the US.  Johnson and Johnson’s company ranks at the top as the world’s most respected company in the medical and pharmaceutical industry (Tench, 2006).

The company’s product brands include various medication and first aid supplies. Among the consumer product is the Band-Aid Brand line of Tylenol medications, bandages, baby products such as beauty products and Neutrogena skin, Acuvue contact lenses and Clean and Clear facial wash.

The company’s enduring strength and consistent approach in managing its business operations have lifted it high in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is guided by all-encompassing values that are deeply held within the company’s fundaments. These values have served as strategic and moral compasses for generations of the company’s leaders and employees.

The company has been able to grow along with the science of human health. More importantly, the company has helped in shaping and defining the essence of the well-being of everyday lives (Burton, 1996). Through its wide range of products, services and ideas, it has touched the lives of not less than one billion of its widespread customers.

Opportunities for Johnson and Johnson’s Employees

Johnson and Johnson Company acknowledges its responsibility to employees, customers, employers and stakeholders. The company business portfolio focuses on meeting the needs and concerns of all important stakeholders to the company. These stakeholders include the employees, stockholders, and community groups; all these stakes form the comprehensive community that drives the company’s business itineraries.

Employees working at all levels of Johnson and Johnson Inc. are considered to be an indispensable asset to the company. Employees are normally allowed to grow in their own position through the provision of endless opportunities. They are normally given necessary technical support and training when they need to make the transition. That is the transition within any company of Johnson and Johnson family (Burton, 1996). The employees are given numerous opportunities on both short and long term basis that surpasses the national boundaries.

The employees are also given an opportunity to work with the global teams on assignments and projects. This helps them to share ideas, opinions and talents, as well as enhance mutual learning with their colleagues from all over the world in Johnson and Johnson Company. Every employee in the company is usually treated as a family member of the large company. This makes the employees become certain of their job security. The company also ensures that its workforce is up to everyday business challenge this is the reason that makes Johnson and Johnson Company invest so heavily in its employees.

Employees in the company are usually given opportunities to actualize their potential through the provision of a dynamic environment, which requires employees to utilize every aspect of their potential. Through this criterion, the company ensures that it taps in and explores full potential of the employees to its advantage. Furthermore, employees are normally made to be a part of the global team that brings hope and change to many lives. The employees are encouraged to support benevolent organization in their own community as a part of the company strategy to overreach the general public. This cultivates the sense of pride and self-esteem among the employees by being magnanimous corporate and world citizens.

The company values the employees’ diversity, and fosters inclusive cultures that embrace the employees’ differences and drives their innovation and creativity in the company (Heath, 2010). Throughout the company, employees’ leadership is allowed and highly supported, this makes employees excel and succeed in actualizing their personal career goals. This normally helps the company to foster a deep sense of job security among the employees.

Johnson and Johnson and External Stakeholders

Johnson and Johnson Inc. values the interest of its workforce, it places high value in compensating the employees fairly including health and wellness programs, benefits, and provision of clean and safe working environment for all. The company encourages the culture of open communication and exchange of ideas, complaints and suggestions between the employees and their manager in all levels of leadership in the company. This ensures that the employee’s needs and concerns are promptly addressed.

Johnson and Johnson Company understands that there is much it can learn from their stakeholders, and normally seeks to work with them towards the accomplishment of a common goal. The company engages with a wide range of both internal and external stakeholders on environmental and social governance matters, as well as healthcare issues. The company strives to reflect the wisdom and the guidance of diverse groups of stakeholders in its actions and policies on an ongoing basis at all levels of the company administration.

For instance, in the year 2009, the company’s external stakeholders managed to identify various areas that they need the company to play the greater role in the world health coordination, women and children’s health, prevention and wellness, development of new medicine, and healthcare education as well as delivery. In addition, the company opens its communication channels for any stakeholders to forward their inquiries and proposals to its corporate headquarters.

The company normally fosters close ties with the communities in which they live and operate. These communities are broad and normally include customers who purchase its products, nurses, doctors, patients and consumers who use its services and product. Each of these groups is normally unique, with their concerns and interactions.

The company maintains an exceptionally close engagement with a wide range of local civic groups, external organizations and global non-governmental organizations (Crane, 2007). The engagement is normally maintained through representatives of all affiliates of the healthcare community, from patients to financiers and physicians, and also with governmental and policy leaders. Other than helping the company achieve its organizational and business goals, these engagements help the company identify various areas where there is a need to be addressed to.

The Johnson and Johnson Company communicates effectively with its stakeholders with the aim of taking their views into account. This enables the company to ensure development of a long term support for their cause. The company focuses mainly on the two-way communication strategy. This ensures that stakeholders receive enough information about the company’s activities and products, while also offering plenty of opportunities for feedback and contact. The company normally ensures that its communication channels are open to all stakeholders. The company normally employs a variety of strategies in order to address to its target audience who is of immense significance to its products and services. Some of these strategies include paid advertisement, health education and massive promotion of products through social services sponsorships.

The company’s relationship with media has been remarkably adept, but it was only strained during the late 1980s during the Tylenol crisis. The media mainly focused on the deaths of American citizens as a result of the consumption of a trusted product from the company. The media initially made an awful, negative association of the brand name with the company. Eventually, the company used the same media as a channel for communicating its strategies for dealing with the crisis. The company used the media to alarm the public about the presence of an altered form of Tylenol in the market.

Social Investment Programmes

The company has an honored record of active contributing in social investment programs all over the world (Hunnicutt, 2009). The company demonstrates its commitment towards corporate social responsibility in various ways such as pioneering of programs that address the core needs of less developed communities and making a momentous contribution in the field of healthcare, education, training and social welfare. In addition, corporate social concern has been expressed through the manufacture of high-quality products, environmental conservation programs, real corporate contribution programs, and charitable activities of the staffs and retirees.

For instance, the Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies has an honored record of active involvement in social investment in South Africa. During the unrest and upheaval in 1980s, the company made a remarkably positive impact on the splintered society through commitment to political, economic, and social transformation principles that were outlined in the Sullivan program. The program laid out very firm social investment and nondiscriminatory strategies for all American companies that were functioning in South African during the Apartheid regime.

Today in Johnson and Johnson Companies’ current social investment assurances are normally beyond the workplace amongst previously underprivileged communities. The corporate social responsibility objective of Johnson and Johnson is to bridgthe education and skill gap and overcome acute socio-economic, education and health challenges that are in threatening the development and well-being of many communities.

The social initiatives established by Johnson and Johnson Company have been successful. Through these initiatives, there have been effective partnerships with organizations and communities, which have fostered self-sustainability among the funding recipients. These philanthropic efforts that have targeted disadvantaged individuals in the community have reached a considerable achievement in healthcare, social welfare and education.

The company thinks that it is essential to encourage the development of all-encompassing public policy worldwide. With good policy, the company believes that it can better serve patients, nurses, doctors, employees and communities around the world (O’Neil, 2010). The aspect of advancing comprehensive public policy is usually through supporting those seeking to serve in a public elected office. The company acknowledges that, it does not expect the candidates who receive contributions from their employee political committee to agree with the company’s position on policy matters. Rather, it pursues to support those candidates who are aware of the significance of medical innovations in the improvement of the living standards, while recognizing that free and fair market provides the best environment for continuous innovation.

During the selection of the political candidates for backing, those candidates with views on the concern of the commercial holdings of Johnson and Johnson normally receive the highest priority. Furthermore, the impact of candidates’ views on the entire company employees is also put into consideration. Although in some states this contribution is usually restricted, in permitted states, Johnson and Johnson Company supports state party committee and election campaigns in accordance with the relevant laws. All these political contributions are based on the interest of Johnson and Johnson Company.

Johnson and Johnson are among a dozen of companies in the United States that play a great role in lobbying for their respective industry (Landers, 2004). The company has agreed to make more details available about the areas such as the trade association affiliation and top strategy issues. Although much of the company’s lobbying information is available in the administration records, much was incomprehensible for a normal investor to track down. The company decided to report its lobbying efforts, an attempt to secure the company’s transparency in relation to the corporate political contributions and also lobbying expenses.

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