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The Bally Shoe Company was founded in 1851 in Switzerland. The company was built as the family business and its main aim was to provide customers with the high-quality products. The quality of Parisian shoes had inspired Carl Franz, the founder of the business, to set up the new company. The company was meant to operate in the luxury footwear segment where it is still working being one of the best luxury shoes providers.

The biggest achievement of The Bally Shoe is that it has developed a specific material technology for the components of the boots for Neil Armstrong during his first walk on the Moon. This event has made the company very popular and raised the brand recognition and customers’ loyalty. However, in 1999 the business was sold to the American Investment Group because of the problems that company was facing (Adhikary, n.d.). These problems were caused by the poor management and the flood of cheap low-quality shoes from the developing countries in the beginning of the global market appearance (globalisation process). In 2008, the company became a part of the Labelux Group Inc.

Nowadays Bally is a highly profitable brand that expanded all over the world. The main countries, where it is represented include North and Latin America, India, Switzerland and German. The Bally brand represents the effective combination of rigorous Swiss craftsmen, high quality products, fashionable style with the up-to-date fashion concept, which are always supported by the comfort and elegance that Carl Franz has created.

I decided to research and assess the Bally Marketing (advertising) campaign of Fall-Winter 2012, because I found this advert as being highly effective. I also saw the quote of the company’s Creative Directors on the official website “Bally’s unique Swiss heritage is based on a commitment to leather craftsmanship, excellence and attention to detail, with the elements that define the refinement and exclusivity of Switzerland to the fore”. This statement persuaded me to investigate the behaviour of this brand’s buyers.

The advert of Bally campaign of Fall-Winter 2012 collection is designed for the consumers of the luxury shoes segment. The campaign is oriented towards women and men, who are able to pay a high price for the quality and brand name that it provides. This segment of people is focused on the refined and elegant design of the footwear that is produced for wearing during the special occasions only. However, the Bally Shoe also makes shoes for daily activities available at the lower prices.

Bally brand sells its products only in the exclusively designed footwear shops, fashion boutiques and the high-end department stores. The buyers of this level require the high-level service including the private salesperson, who has passed the specific trainings for the high quality services providing. Female buyers of these segments can be characterised as businesswomen who are occupied with their jobs, and want to look fashionable but value the comfort of the shoes. The footwear for them should be fashionable and elegant, but not very bright; it should show that their owner is wealthy and successful. At the same time men that buy shoes of the Bally brand are the business people who need to look representatively in order to perform in the best way. Such category of the consumers is very busy and they do not want to waste their time’ therefore, they choose the pairs of shoes and buy them, trusting the product’s quality.

In today’s business-performance, the Bally brand has diversified the range of products that it provides for the customers. Now this brand includes the luxury class footwear, accessories, bags and cloths. With so huge product range proposition, the company tries to expand the market, increase its market share, profits, and the average price of shares in order to increase the market price of the brand and the whole Group, as a result.

During various advertisement campaigns, Bally was willing to inform its customers about the new collection presentation. The company offers shoes, bags, accessories and clothes for the luxury segment buyers. It may seem that the whole concept of the advert is to show people that winter and its temperatures can be completely comfortable with the Bally brand products usage. It is trying to show that people feel themselves flexible, comfortable and easy in clothes and shoes designed by Bally, holding the brand bags.

Looking at the advert it is easy to understand that all products are of the highest quality, because the clothes, shoes and bags look very elegant and representative at both men and women. All Bally products that are shown in the advert are very fashionable. They are well-designed and sewed, look unique and exclusive. These products look as being specially designed for someone. However, as it is very important for business people, they do not look bright, banal and vulgar.

Customers that buy Bally brand products benefit from the quality of the items and their appearance, the comfort they provide and the elegant they emit.

The products of Bally were advertised due to creation of the new collection. At the same time, this new collection was designed in order to give people an opportunity to buy high quality, elegant and fashionable products of the brand for the changing seasons of the year. Therefore, this advertisement campaign promotes seasonable product.

The advert of Fall-Winter 2012 campaign is positioned on the main page of the web site of the Labelux Group and on the official website of the Bally Company. This advertisement also can be found on various websites of the official distributors of the brand in the Internet. It also can be seen in the unique Bally brand shops and fashion boutiques that sell this collection.

The initial ad was originally shown upon the submission of the new collection. Both the collection and the corresponding promotion campaign were developed and created in order to give people a chance to buy the new and fashionable clothes and shoes of the highest quality autumn and winter period of 2012. The period of the advertisement’s placement was very important as the luxury segment customers planned to update their autumn and winter wardrobe. The new collection’s presentation provided the company with a possibility to make profit. The main purpose of the advertisement campaign was to persuade Bally’s loyal customers and just customers of the luxury segment to buy new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories of the brand that is a part of the Labelux Group.

The Bally Company’s advertising campaign of the new autumn winter 2012 collection has the information context. Customers of the luxury segment are a specific category of people who cannot be motivated for purchasing by the good price offering’ instead, they can be persuaded by the look of the product and its quality. Therefore, this advert has only informational purposes and cannot be considered as having the selling ones.

Perception is an individual process of information understanding. The perception of the specific advertisement involves not only perception of the message that this advert sends, but also the whole brand acceptance by the customer. This process is formed on trust, awareness and persuasion. In addition, after receiving information from the media source there is an awareness about the product, which appears in person’s mind. Simply put, for two or three seconds of contact with the source of information, in this case the Bally brand advertisement, a customer creates a one hundred percent awareness of the product. Awareness of choice – this is the main motivation for buying this product, as the client should be confident that all his/her expectations will be met by the product and the service it provides. The consumer in this case can be guided by literally anything: advertising, common sense, or the desire to make an impulse purchase. This is why the advert of Bally Fall-Winter collection is so effectively planned, organised and executed.

The colours that were used in the media message are very soft, deep and designed in the single range of tones. The entire advert has a well-seen concept that is externalized in the high quality picture. All details that were represented in the photo support the concept of the advertisement campaign in general and this specific part of it in particular; thus, building the picture that fully reports the message of the developed collection and atmosphere.

There is no written text or specific message of the Bally advertisement campaign, except the drawn logo and the name of the brand. This advert is done in this manner, because the product that is being promoted relates to the highest fashion. In the luxury industry, the main persuasive factor for buying is the name of the brand, because people trust the company based on its reputation.

The advert under assessment does not contain any celebrities. Bally brand has the specific catalogue of models, which are representing it. Therefore, exactly the same models take part in the whole advertisement campaign. I think that all the necessary features for successful promotion are used in an effective and efficient manner. However, I do not fully understand what is lying on the sledge in the ad. I think it is something like fur, but have no idea for what purpose it was used.

Marketers believe that the buying process usually goes through five stages. The first one is problem recognition, the second one refers to the needed information searching, the next one is about the alternatives assessment, the fourth refers to the definite product purchasing process and the last one is the assessment of the product that was bought. Bally advert is aimed at the process of the product assessment or usage stage. As it was discussed previously, the representatives of the luxury segment cannot be motivated by the prices; therefore, the most effective tool to persuade them is to show how happy they would be when using the products of the Bally Company. The last stage, or the advert orientation, is also used in the promotion campaign because people who buy products in the luxury segment shops know that they need to look great. Therefore, they know about the existence of the problem or need. Moreover, they are already informed that the new season is coming and they have to buy the appropriate clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. On other words, they have already passed the second stage of the buying process. The third stage, which concerns the alternatives assessment, is also unnecessary for this people, because the consumers already possess all the information about the company, its products’ quality and the level of service. The fourth stage refers to the high quality service performance. An interesting fact is that for this segment another type of service simply does not exist.

Marketing mix is a system and a set of tactical marketing tools which marketing strategy of a company is being implemented with. All the elements that construct a complex marketing mix are variable; therefore, by manipulating them, the company can keep a stable position in the market and be responsive to its changes. Marketing mix, of the 4Ps, is the well-known scheme, which helps marketers to develop the marketing mix for the specific product, service or even a company in the whole. It points out the four areas that should be covered by the program of marketing:

Product – anything that can be offered to the market in order to attract attention, for the acquisition with the company, product or service, usage or consumption, which can meet any need. It may be a physical object, service, person, place, organization, or idea.

Price – the amount of money or other property that the client exchanges to the benefits of owning or using the product or service.

Promotion – actions to inform the target group of customers about the product or service, to make the client to complete purchase.

Place – all the actions that the company aimed at making the product or service available to the target group of customers.

Marketing mix of the Bally’s promotional campaign is clear and simple for understanding.

The product part is characterised by the high quality, fashionable, elegant and comfort range of Bally brand shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. This advert gives the complete understanding of the product characteristics and brand’s position in the market. It is obvious that this advert is related to the luxury market and promotes very good products.

Pricing part of Bally’s new collection made it clear that the adverted products are the part of the luxury market segment. Therefore, one can easily understand that the prices of these clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are very high. However, the ad itself does not provide the potential customers with a possible price and, as it was discussed previously, it is unnecessary for the targeted segment. People are oriented on the satisfaction with the product, and, generally, they do not worry about the price.

The above-mentioned advertising unit does not give any information about the product distribution channels; however, it is not necessary for the target segment of the Bally Company. As the brand refers to the luxury segment, it is clear that one can purchase their products in the specifically designed shops and fashion boutiques. In addition, living in the digital age one can always find Bally brand clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in specific online stores.

Promotion of the new Fall-Winter 2012 collection of the Bally brand is made through the placement of the advertisements in the locations where target audience of the company can find it. This is made through the specific magazines, boutiques and websites, which are fashion-related. The Bally Company uses the informing strategy, which works the best in the luxury segment.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am quite satisfied with the advertisement under analysis in particular, and the whole promotional campaign of the new Bally Fall-Winter 2012 collection in general. However, there is one element of the ad that made me think about it. As I told, I did not understand the origin of the white object on the sledge. It has the undefined shape and no specific meaning. Except this, I fully support this promotion campaign and think that is made in quite an effective way with the clear message to the target audience of the brand.

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