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I have been responsible for the projection screens of this church for over two years now. During this time I and my support time have encountered several problems with projector screens which have made church members to complain. The members have been complaining mostly after Sunday services or during crusades about the efficiency of the church projector screens. I and my support team have tried to solve the problems with the projector but after a while there is a reoccurrence of these problems. I have been doing my homework about projectors mostly those used by our neighboring church which has encouraged me to recommend a new projector for our church.

We are currently using the manual screens which were bought five years ago. The manual screen was highly efficient in our old church building which had less lighting and a high lifted stage. This projector screen is easy to handle in its use and installation which makes it versatile. When we transferred to the new church building which holds a larger capacity we started experiencing problems with the projector screens. The new church has more lighting as compared to the old one which has made it hard for members to have a clear visual. Members are complaining of the position of the screen which is currently located at the central stage. Members of the church complain that when they are mostly seated on the peripherals or at the back of the church, the view of the screen contents becomes unclear. This makes it hard for them to sing songs written on the screen or read scriptures. The seating positions in the church from what I have noticed have now become a competition so as you secure yourself a sitting position with good visual. Members have thus been advocating for a bigger projector screen at the central stage with smaller ones located in different corners of the church. The projector screens should also be able to cope with the high lighting environment of the new church building.

After doing my homework with the consideration of the members I was opting that the church purchase new projector screens. This will help to offer fairness and equality to all church members no matter where they sit. After considering and evaluating different projectors I was recommending that the church purchase a Samsung projector of model SP-A800. This projector has the following properties; brightnes1000, contrast 10000: 1, resolution 1080P and a weight of 9.8 kilograms (Projector Point, 2010). The projector which is going at 2658 dollars is expensive but affordable to our church. This projector will have portable screens with one big main screen and other three medium ones. Portable screens will be easy to use in crusades or other outside church works. The portable screens will also be easy to fit in any location in the church which is convenient with members of the church.

This projector also has 6500 lumens which offers better brightness and which is highly efficient under high lighted environment as it is digital light processing (Schaeffler, 2008). The brightness of this new projector will be efficient with high lighting of our new church building. This projector also has 3-D reform or slide shot which makes it possible to have both vertical and horizontal keystone correction. The projector will come with still be sold together with; VGA (for connecting a PC) which is applicable with the wireless projector, an S-Video and a composite for better visual (Projector Point, 2010). The high resolution power of 1080P will help to offer more smooth and clear images. The Samsung company also offers in addition to the projector the following; SongPro, presenter, snap projection and presentation manger. The SongPro is software that helps in the management of bible scripture displays as well as songs. Presenter together with the presentation manager will help in easy songs. Images, movies or films display.

The new projector will thus help to solve the problems with manual projector screen. It will also make members more comfortable and feel fairness is offered. It will also help our church to minister more effectively in the new large church building. The seller of our new projector is also willing to buy the old one at 758 dollars which will make it easy to purchase the new one.


Vitaliy Yaremkiv 

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