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Upgrading a network could be a technically challenging task. This calls for a step by step approach for the network upgrade process to be a success. Assessment should be carried out to establish the exactly desired upgrade details. To upgrade the network from a 10baseT network to 100baseT network, one should determine the hardware elements are to be upgraded. One should also assess the benefits associated with the upgrade as well as the expected costs.

Since the company will be expecting an increase in operations, it is important to install a more efficient network connection as well increase the number of computers. The 10baseT network has low connectivity and can only be effective for a few computers. It has a limited cable length of about 180 meters. It could experience frequent disconnecting and collisions causing delays especially where the network has many computers. Upgrading 10baseT to 100baseT will ensure significant increase in speed and reduced transmission failures.

Bus topology is the simplest network topology, characterized by all the nodes of computers and servers being linked to a single cable (referred to as the bus) using interface connectors. The bus is the backbone of the network connection and all communication signals are relayed through it. Bus topology is not complicated thus easy to set up and cheap to install. Bus topology is most suitable for a small network connection with few computers However, there is a limit on bus cable length and the number of nodes that can be connected Dean. When the bus encounters problems the whole network connection performance and efficiency are affected. As the number of connected devices increase, the speed will be significantly affected. Security is also low as all computers receive the sent signals from the source. Having learnt the nature of the bus topology, we understand that it is unsuitable for the expanding company.

On the other hand, in a star topology the main component is a central device that could be a router, a hub or a switch. All workstations have a point to point connection with the central device. The network’s performance is dependent on the central device. The central device manages and controls the whole network. It is a junction to connect and channel signals to the different devices on the network. It can also act as a signal booster or a repeater depending on the installed device. This creates a centralized management that aids in monitoring the network. Compared to bus topology, star topology gives improved performance with better speeds, improved security and is easy to add or remove devices from the network without affecting network performance.

The upgrade to 100baseT will require several update of hardware in the company’s desktops. The system requires two twisted wires (alternatively 4 wires, preferably insulated copper wires to provide data link layer) on a 5 or 3category cables. A hub or switch set at the middle with switches for all the nodes.

In order to have safe and fast connectivity for the payroll department, the company’s desktops hardware should be equipped with twisted pair Ethernet cables connected in a crossover or in pin 1 to pin 2, pin 2 to pin 2. We have to note that these pairs of twisted cables should have installed switches or otherwise be separated to avoid short circuits, as well as ensure cables function without issues. For the whole crossover connection to be effective, tip and tig should be facilitated. To achieve security in the connections, 100baseT taps should be installed as they will assure security access as well as network visibility. The IP address system can be installed to monitor traffic and avoid potential attacks. Net optic taps can be installed in order to monitor power failures and prevent them from affecting the network connectivity.

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