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This essay is about some profound reasons that will steer me to transfer to Cornell University to pursue the business and management program offered by the university. As compared to other universities, the university’s program is good and it will enable me achieve my career goals and objectives. The university’s program will enable me access better business and management skills because the university leads in practical application of business and management tools that are critical in solving the global business and management issues ranging from small family firms to the world food retailers. This program is very successive because the Cornell University has very important and significant programs that promote its research activities on matters that affect the entire world.

The university has gained national and international reputation for uniquely conducting quality research in undergraduate program. It also offers extension and outreach. The skills obtained from Cornel University will help me give the required policy advice to global governments on business and management matters. The business and management program of this university is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This will make me have very high job placement rates and I will earn good salaries. Finally, I will transfer to Cornell University because it is one of the nation’s first universities to develop and promote diversity and Equal Employment Opportunities programs which address the demand for many organizations to apply better diversity management to promote justice and business effectiveness.

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