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One concept that keeps reemerging throughout the whole case study is sustainability. Looking into the background information on Detroit situation, analyzing the idea for improvement and its implementation sustainability is something that immediately comes to mind. Examining the unique approach the city chose, the way that ideas were financed and implemented as well as the future-oriented spirit of the city can all be appropriated to some extent to other communities in need.

The whole concept chosen for the city revitalization is rather progressive. It promotes local produce and suggests developing a city that can sustain itself using its own resources. The strife for being local and using the resources efficiently is something that can be applied in my own Community Action Plan. The goal for Detroit, as described by the community economic consultant is “to shrink the wastefulness and create opportunities from it” (Jackson & Sinclair, 2012).

Another astounding feature of Detroit story is that the whole community took active part in developing the project and seeing it though. Some of the contributors initiating the project were representatives of Detroit Department of Health and Wellness, a building company “Community First Development”, design specialists and others. The financing also came largely from the local community members. The building company, which promotes new efficient houses, cooperates with the non-for-profit organizations in order to provide reasonable paying options for potential owners (Jackson & Sinclair, 2012).

Now that the project is in the actual state of implementation, the whole Detroit community is involved in it. Such aspects as developing urban gardening, creating new parks and jogging trails, building efficient environment-friendly houses, promoting healthy way of life and the use of public transport all come together in the city’s success story.

The principles of sustainable development described in the case study are the future of community planning. My personal Community action Plan could incorporate the idea of urban farming, which is rather modern and effective. I also greatly value the aspect of developing using the local potential as the primary resource and also cooperating with other communities in order to research the problem and find up-to-date scientific answers.

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