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The problem of the environment protection and ecological situation is an extremely acute problem in the state Kentucky. Every year life conditions are getting worse in the cities, especially in industrial centres, because the intensity of natural resources, surface water, soil usage and exploiting is very high. This process is accompanied by the destruction of the natural landscape and the ousting of its “artificial environment”, that does not always fit for people’ and animals’ life. Human impact affects the important components of the environment, the atmosphere, hydrosphere, soil, and, as they are all connected, the destruction and pollution of the components gets widespread character.

Kentucky is industrial and agricultural state. The manufacturing industry employs 250 thousand people, the mining – 29 thousand people, therefore these industries are very aggressive and they change local ecosystems a lot. The highest energy consumption and environmental damage is associated with mining operations, cleaning and smelting processes. A significant part of the energy, which is used for the extraction and purification of minerals derived from fossil fuels – oil and coal and its incineration generates lots of carbon, which has high impact on global climate changes. In the Kentucky state a half of the electricity is produced in power plants, which are coal-fired. Also, cement production from limestone annually adds carbon emissions into the atmosphere. There is another big problem in this region that is connected with mining and it is the waste produced in mines. Annually mines give more than million tons of waste that is in 60 times more than the garbage generated in all Kentucky’s cities. Hugh trucks remove this garbage from the mines, but instead of it huge blanks in rock appears. The consequences of mining activities are appearing even after the closure of the mine.

In Kentucky chemical industry (synthetic rubber, fibers, plastics, etc.), electrical engineering (electrical appliances in Louisville, etc.) and general engineering are also developed. These industries performance prevent to the water and soil pollution that has very high impact for the flora and fauna of the state.

The problem of solid waste is very important in Kentucky. So far in the large agglomerations MSW is very complex because of the distant location of the landfills. This is very important part of the environment pollution, because it can be minimised by recycling of the materials and their second usage.

Global warming is the gradual increase in the average temperature in Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Problem issue of global warming is the greenhouse. Its effect is increased by the thermodynamic usage of heavy metals. Kentucky is working in the industries which are connected to the heavy metals. Therefore due to the global warming processes the temperature and the rain intensity would increase. Forty percent of the Kentucky state is covered by forests, so the water from rains would not bring many problems. These two factors would make climate warmer that would give more harvests. If Kentucky situated in the other region of the planet, for example, in Mexico the global worming effects will never have any positive effect, even it will cause distractive consequence. The temperature would rise so high that most of the territory would become a desert, in the same time lots of rain would prevent to the long periods of rains, as a result the agriculture in this region would die, and the forests would change desert and tropical flora.

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