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Negative Effects of Fast Food on Health

Without a doubt, the consumption of fast food is the problem which troubles us at the present time. Scientists proved that fast food is harmful to our health but this alarming fact does not cause any preventive measures among people as today’s fast-moving world demands to spend time preparing a meal as small as possible. People are constantly in a hurry forgetting about their health and do not take care of what they eat.

They are too busy to cook and eat healthy food so they grab what is quick in preparation, they go in restaurant which is cheaper and they each what is delicious. It is probably for this reason junk food has become so popular. Fast food can be supposed as a very comfortable invention which makes our life easier, deprives us of the possibility of suffering in the kitchen preparing meal. As we know cooking does not bring great pleasure.

The Negative Effects of Fast Food

Let’s reveal all the negative effects of fast food. Fast food (junk food) is rich in saturated fat, salt, cholesterol, and sugar; it is high-calorie and deprived of any nutrients. Fast food causes a lot of diseases such as for overweight, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and obesity. This list of diseases and health problems is endless as our generation has chosen not only junk food but also couch potato lifestyle. Young people forgot what is to do sport. Indeed sport is very important for keeping the body fit and healthy and control weight.

As is generally known junk food is not expensive and delicious. However one should remember that all is not gold that glitters. The consumption of fast food costs us our health and our life. Obviously we understand this, however, our indifference, our laziness and our dislike of active lifestyle do not allow us to follow a healthy lifestyle. I am convinced that we should be conscious when it touches the question of food. Not without reason, there is a thought: “Tell me what you each and I will tell you who are you.”

The Epidemic of Obesity in the United States

Another important thing is that we should know is that nowadays we deal with such a problem as fast food addiction. This is the illness of our time like alcohol and drug addiction. High levels of fat and sugar lead that you begin to need this food more and more forgetting about any limits. The epidemic of obesity has already touched the people of the United States and struggle with this problem is lasting however the results are very poor.

Fast food contains addictive ingredients and people can not refuse from consumption of it. However, it is very strange that knowing about it people forget to follow the advice of doctors and continue to kill themselves slowly. Fast food restaurants grow as quickly as mushrooms after rain and attract people with their variety of dishes and affordable prices. Not without reason, the proverb says that what tastes good for you, is bad.

It is high time to take alarm as the United States is the most obese nation because of the enormous consumption of fast food. Why do not people want to hear the sound of alarm bells which consist of the warning of doctors and health problems? It is a rhetoric question because the problem is that we realize the entity of the problem but we have no force to struggle with it. When it comes to fast food advertising is the real evil for society as the companies are advertising fast-food restaurants constantly on TV, radio, the internet, and press.

The Problem of the Enormous Consumption of Fast Food

The problem of the enormous consumption of fast food is the problem of the whole world. The recent investigation has proved that the French nation, who prefers hamburgers and hotdogs to rich and sophisticated gourmet dishes tend to become overweight. It is exceedingly difficult to lose weight gained at young age, so researchers tell that the future French generations may lose the opportunity to be admired for their slender figures as the French always has been the standard of beauty, slenderness, and gracefulness.

Scientists show that the junk food making process is based on using chemicals such as titanium dioxide, azodicarbonamide, sodium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, propylene glycol, etc. Do these chemicals sound appetizing? Fast food addiction begins with highly palatable foods. First of all, we all suffer from sugar addiction as sweeties seduce everybody. I do not know anybody who would refuse from a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a substance that makes us dependent. The popularity of coffee drink increases in fast food sales. Addictive potential increases because of the high content of fat and salt of fast food.

The psychologists state that the dependence on fast food has a psychological character which is difficult for overcoming. When people are obese, they become psychologically subdued, depressed and suffer from stress. It is hard to cope with this kind of addiction. Addiction is a long and complex process and it is affected by many other factors: moral state of a person, lifestyle, surroundings, etc. Consumption of fast food will not make you addicted immediately if you eat it in the measure, there will be no effects.

Fast food has not only a bad impact on our health but on our life. It ruins the national traditions, provokes a decline of the old cuisine receipts. As before the invention of fast food, the families gather at one table sharing the events happened during a day, communication with others, now this family tradition begins to disappear. Think carefully does fast food cost our health and warm family relationships?

Fast Food Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that fast food is not the invention of mankind but the degradation of physical and moral values. Of course, if we eat it in small portions and sometimes, it does not do harm to our health. Everything should be in measure. Do not forget that health is above wealth.

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