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This paper is about my family genealogy. My family name is Mclarry given down from my great grandfather Heclon Mclarry Senior. Heclon or “The Loner,” as he was often described by persons of his close environment was a man of many characters and uncanny means, in words of his only surviving son — Johann Mclarry — who is my grandfather. With an unquenchable love for adventure, Heclon left the comfort of his London home in England one cold winter day, in 1934, to look for greener pastures in the United States of America — the place chosen a destination of many immigrants of his time. With a little fortune in his arm and his best suit at the age of 24 he set foot in the southern shores of Alabama, USA, and set to building the esteemed name of the Mclarrys.

Magdalene Mclarry

No sooner he had settled down than he met Magdalene Mclarry — a pretty damsel that made his house a home, and gave him two children — Johann and Laurren. Johann Mclarry — a lad of a noble upbringing — was raised in a well-off environment, which he often blames on for his rather spendthrift behavior. Heclon, having been a lesser spending fellow, to be subtle ensured, nevertheless, that none of his children lacked anything throughout their lengthy upbringing; much to the amusement and sheer delight of great grandma Magdalene or “Old Meg,” like my grandfather Johann often called her in the stories we heard of her. As for Laurren Mclarrys, it is a sad tale. She was born a beautiful damsel as we saw from not so many photographs of her. However, the girl had the uncanny liking for adventure that she must have stolen from the great grandfather Heclon. Did Heclon know that fate would use his gift in stealing his daughter from him? Regrettably, Laurren was mauled by a bear in the wood while she and her class were camping out.

Second Generation: Johann and Edith Mclarry

Johann Mclarry thereof grew being an only child for almost all his life and enjoyed the benefits and explored the dangers fully that come with such state of things. He married Edith Johann Mclarry at the tender age of 18, and they made a family together on his father’s ranch house. Since my great grandfather was the focused person, he has always put all his efforts into the education program for his son, and even playful Johann was accredited for his quick comprehension. He made good in his education attaining two degrees — in law and business management. Choosing though not to end up like his father in the farming business, he went into real estate. He began by buying a piece of land adjacent to his Alabama home and building a few condos. He sold them at a nice price, and that led him on to buy more houses. He then began his own company, Mclarry International, which concentrated among other interests: real estate tours and travel, as well as construction. Supporting the kind of tradition continued from great grandfather Heclon to grandmother Laurren, my grandfather developed some wings and left his Alabama home to explore the city life of Los Angeles and, in his favorite words, “search for his soul’s desires.” Despite Old Meg’s constant pleas for the fear of what would befall her only son, grandfather Johann settled down in Los Angeles and began a life of business the way he was brought up to be.

Third Generation: Heather Reagan and Maybelle Mclarry

In the noisy streets and the hustle bustle of Los Angeles life, Johann and Edith Mclarry give birth to two sons and a daughter. Heather Mclarry was called “The Laugh” by close relatives and friends. Although he was first born in the winter, his spirit was, nonetheless, fast and blazing and nothing passed his neither sight nor escaped his interest. He came to life with another gift — the gift of painting. Reagan Mclarry followed up close with a sharp contrast to his elder brother. He grew up as the silent kid with no qualms whatsoever and, regrettably, no sense of adventure at all. Uncle Heather always joked about this aspect, saying that if Reagan has met great grandfather they would never have seen eye-to-eye. Unfortunately though Heclon Mclarry had just passed on when Reagan was born. This brings me to my favorite Aunt Maybelle Mclarry, who was born a year later with the most beautiful smile and the kindest heart we all love. Maybelle Mclarry became the darling of all and sundry, and impressed upon all she met her unquenchable smile. Following his father’s strict custom, Johann Mclarry schooled his children in top class schools in Los Angeles making sure they could get the best education. With this unrelenting spirit that runs through the family and the undying spirit of achievement and ambition all of them three never let their family name down. Heather Mclarry went on to become a well-accomplished lawyer. Uncle Reagan Mclarry chose to take to the old family farming concept while Aunt Maybelle took up business as her choice.

Heather and Narlette Mclarry

While in law school, Heather Mclarry met and loved Narlette, and they went on to marry after their graduation. This marriage after two years yielded Kinler Mclarry and me — Laurren Mclarry. Uncle Reagan married an English maiden named Gwen and they bore Minna and Jewl “The Joker” Mclarry. Aunt Maybelle got married last year to a handsome Englishman named Miller and is currently with child. My dad, Heather Mclarry, and Uncle Reagan have taken up the family tradition as we all live in different states and have separate lifestyles. However, the tradition of impressing education is still on us: my brother Kinler and I have been enrolled in the best school in Los Angeles and from the numerous interactions we have our cousins Minna and Jewl are in the best school in TexasState. The Mclarrys have over the generations become the strongest unit I have ever seen since they hold on to each other, notwithstanding our spirit of adventure and love for newer beginnings.

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