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During house repair or making holes in the walls with the help of drill for particular purposes there happen accidents leading to death. Here is an example: a worker was electrocuted when he drilled through a wall and the drill bit contacted and electrical wire inside the wall by cutting through its insulation. The ground pin of the electric plug for the drill was broken off.The task of this essay is to find out what measures could be taken in order to prevent such case.

It should be born in mind that working with electric tools requires from worker special knowledge and training. Thus, to ensure that no electrocution will happen, the worker should have had proper instructions of prevention of accidents while working with electrical tools.

Before utilizing the drill the worker should have inspected it and ensured that it was well maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions. The use of broken drill should not have been allowed. Otherwise, the responsibility for the damaged drill would have been taken by manufacturer or the worker’s supervisor who had supplied him with the necessary tools.

Before drilling the wall the worker should have been inspected it for concealed cables. For this reason the worker should have use the special detecting device which would allow him finding out safe spaces for drilling.

Electrocution is easy to be avoided if the worker had not touch any metal parts while drill bit contacted and electrical wire inside the wall by cutting through its insulation. In this case current would not have hit his body even in the case of high amperage.

Thus, to avoid electrocution while drilling, the worker should have been properly instructed about the rules of working with electrical tools. He should also have examined the drill in order to find out any damage of it and replace it in time. The wall should have been inspected for concealed cable by the worker. Metal parts should not have been touched.

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