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The analyzed baby is 11, 5 month old. His date of birth is 26 November, 2011. He is 72 cm tall and 8 kg weight. He is the only child in the family. His parents are young. They both are 22 years old. Therefore, the mother delivered the baby in the age of 21. The child lives in the middle class family, and he has access to all needed goods and services. John has been breast feed since the birth. Even though, he is almost 12 month, the breast feed for him is the secondary nutrition. The child`s weight was 2980 kg, and his height was 50 cm, when he was delivered. He has gained 1200 more kg, since the birth; however, since that time his weight has increased only by 300-400 grams every month. The child has a nanny because his both parents are working. The child eats usually three times a day. He has a poor appetite. He goes for a walk every day. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that John sleeps very bad, usually he awakes 7-10 times a night. He goes to bed at nine and totally awakes at 7.

For the purpose of confidentially the name of this infant has been changed to” John”.

Reaction to People

John understands who the adults are. The child reacts positively on the adult as he knows that they can help him to get the things he wants. John doesn`t want to play by his own. The great example of this is when the adult tries to make their own stuff, the child cries and creams in order to get their attention. John knows that the adult can take him, and he would be able to see everything he wants. Thus, when he wants to take some toy that he cannot get, he tries to find the parents` fingers, and force them to take him above the thing he wants. John differentiates the adults from the other children as his reaction is totally different. When he sees another infant he makes the funny face, noises and smiles. In addition, he tries to touch its hands or nose. John knows his family and those people who spend much time with him. He reacts with the smile to the person he knows and raises the hands towards them asking to take him. When the familiar person takes John, he points where he wants to go, or what he wants to take. When unfamiliar person comes, John looks carefully at him or her, however, do not have the smile on his face. He acts like he cannot recognize the person. It is interesting for him to look on that person as he does not know him or her. He would not raise his arm and ask to take him. However, he would not cry if the unknown for him person tries to hold him.


The child is very curious. He always explores new environment. He always notices the new toys in the room and has the increased interest to them. John can differentiate his home from other houses. As in his own house he is familiar to the things around. When John is in the other houses, he is very curious and always looks around. He points the things he is interested in and tries to learn them. John knows what is hot and what is cold. Thus, when his parents drink coffee, he makes a movement, which shows that the cup is hot. In addition, he always wants to check, whether it is indeed hot. He is curious to the new sounds. For example, John will always crawl towards the source of the sudden noise, as a rule it is the noise of the washing machine that is in the kitchen. He always tries new things by his hands. In addition, he understands what the food is as he takes to his mouth only food. The best example for this is when John finds the cookie he always tries it to eat. The infant stays away from the different challenges. For example, once he has fallen from the bed, now when he notices that he is on the edge of the bed he crawls quickly to the nearest parent.


The child understands what it is allowed to do and to take and what is not. For example, he likes to play with curtains; however parents do not allow him to do that. Thus, when he is playing with them he always looks on parents, whether they see him or not. He knows the word “no”. When he hears “no”, he stops doing everything and starts looking on the parents.

Body Movement

The main way of infant movement is crawling. However, he can also walk by his own holding the parent`s hand or touching the furniture. The infant`s parents make the exercise in order to develop the child`s ability to walk. Due to this exercise the child can walk along from the one part of the room to another, only when in both corners are his parents. However in other terms the child is very active. He crawls very fast, especially when he is playing the game hide and sick. Evidence, which proves its good physical development, is that John climbs the chairs and his bed. In addition, when he wants some toy, he would get it nevertheless the obstacles.


The child differently divides time on different objects. Thus, it is obvious that he already has favorite toys. For example, he likes to “read” book. In addition, he has one favorite book, which is the alphabet with animals. The other books he can “read” only few minutes. What is more, he likes to play with his big ball. It is obvious that the habituation forms at the early childhood.

Hidden Objects

The child has the positive reaction on the hidden objects. If the object was hidden, he definitely would know where it is and would try to get it. The major theorist who described this issue is Paget. According to him, the child at the age of 11 begins to find the hidden objects as he realizes that it cannot disappear. He also admitted that when the object was hidden, and the child did not notice it, he would search for it in place the thing usually lays. However, the characterized infant never does that.


The infant seems to be sanguine person as he quickly converges to the people. He is cheerful. He always smiles to everyone. He does not afraid people and can play with anyone, who plays with him. He easily switches from one activity to another.


The peculiarity of the analyzed infant is his ability to communicate. Nevertheless, the can say only few words such as “mum”, “dad”, “give”, he explains all that he needs with non-verbal communication. Thus, it does not matter whether he needs to ask for help in his dad or mum, he can be understood straightforward. The great example is when John wants to go to the other room; he comes to the adult, takes their fingers and forces them to go to the needed direction. When he wants to take some toy, he simply points the toy and makes the noise. To my mind the child can understand people communication as he knows many words and when hears them search for the object, which was mentioned. For example, when he hears the word “vacuum cleaner”, he looks on the vacuum cleaner and makes the noise like the vacuum cleaner does. John points the ears, mouth, nose, eyes, teeth, when he is asked. He goes to his toy house, when he is asked. He shakes his head on the questions: “Do you want to eat?” and “Let we go for a walk”.


To conclude the child is very developed. The child can stand up on his own, crawl, climb the chairs and walk with the help. John is able to make generalizations and to show the dolls, cars, blocks, balls, parts of his body. He leafs and sees the bright pictures in the book. He has his own preferences and character. He likes to play with children, but refers to different children selectively. He performs first simple instructions and understands the word “no”. He distinguishes the adults from the children, and the familiars from the unknown people. He understands the adults and makes them understand him. He can speak only a few words.

Overall, the major thing that was learnt during this observation is that nevertheless the baby is 11, 5 month old, he is already a personality. He has his own character and preferences, and the infants in his age shouldn`t be treated like children, and follows their wills, but as a personality. In addition, the inborn character should be developed in the positive way right now.

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