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The editorial Contemporary environmental and health issues: more breadth and depth by Greenberg, Michael R has very effectively brought readers towards the basic understanding of these issues that are the source of concern not for a specific region or country but for the whole Globe.

Destruction of an Ecological System

Environmental problem today possesses a great threat in so many ways and is  not only resulting in destruction of an ecological system but is also responsible for creating various different diseases and causing death for many species of the Globe. As this editorial points out negligence of environmental issues and laws by the government of US and also highlights the fact that their front line policy or planning does not even consider this issue a potential or great threat. In my view this negligence is not only done by US but almost all the countries of the world especially under developing countries. Moreover the laws and regulations regarding environmental protection are only confined on papers.

Furthermore Greenberg in his editorial emphasizes on protection of children from neurological damages that may come from hazardous environment, and holds government liable for providing and taking all the necessary actions in order to give them save and sound environment. Ethically it is supreme responsibility of the government to make sure that ecological issues are properly dealt and laws regarding environment should be enforced and followed. Violation of these laws should have serious punishments, similarly role of public is also important in this regard, proper awareness and education should be given to children from grass root level so that they can create huge impact when they grow up.

Moreover nuclear contamination and proliferation of weapon should be avoided as this is one of the major contributors in destroying the environment and health of species as mentioned in this editorial. Similarly use of chloro fluoro carbon gases (CFC) also possesses a great threat, it should be limited or totally banned, various factory wastes are thrown or dumped in the water which is resulting in polluting water and causing death to sea animals should also be dealt with. Surveillance should be done across the board, no favoritism or relaxation should be given to any company or state.

Relationship Between Physical Activity and Health

However this editorial also suggests relationship between physical activity and health. As different researches were put forward in order to endorse and prove this point of view for instance the availability of recreational facility in terms of resources if located within the five mile radius from an individual’s home then he is likely to engage more physical work (This setting best works in poor and minority populations). This argument is very much valid pertaining the fact that healthy physical activities can not only keep person fit but also reduces chance of getting various heart and other diseases provided that if person opts for parsimonious approach in terms of eating habits.

Risk communication is another important way that can help reducing the environmental impacts on human beings as proper knowledge and education regarding the affects of hazardous wastes, environmental problems and health issues can help saving their lives, as put forward by Greenberg in his editorial. Effective communication and education holds a key in solving problems, one possible way of understanding its importance comes from the editorial which mentioned that people who are too much exposed to sunlight may face skin cancer as a result. However this can be avoided if person has proper knowledge regarding it. For instance one possible way that Greenberg has extracted from Mayer et al research is the use of wide brim hats and sunscreen in order to minimize the affect of sunlight.

Besides environmental issues Greenberg also highlighted one more important issue as well which is a real source of concern in terms of dealing with health of a person. He points out various psychological and social factors that can directly or indirectly affects an individual’s health. As social and psychological problems have this tendency of driving people towards committing suicide. Many examples in this regard are well given in this editorial.

 This editorial written by Greenberg has remarkably not only highlighted different contemporary issues related to environment and health but also given their possible solutions in a very concise and clear manner. The examples and scenarios are well chosen and well directed in many ways which enhances its beauty and purposefulness.

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