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Many studies and theories explain that the moon landing was a hoax. Scientists have explained that the evidence was fake stage by NASA, and the Apollo program did not work to enable the program to succeed. They produced fake evidence which include pictures and films which could have been flamed or taken in different place. Individuals in all places of the world question about the landing and claim that if the landing was genuine then people could have been going to the moon consecutively. The claim further explains that NASA has manipulated the public by giving force information and producing fake evidence which include rock samples, transmissions, telemetry tapes and photos. Data collected shows that about 6% and 20% of Americans surveyed believe that the landing was a hoax. Disregard of the evidence produced there many theories which tries to proof wrong the evidence produced by NASA. The films produced are focused as money making, since they make money in selling of video tapes and photos even in explaining the technology applied.


The most convincing argument is the analysis of the video and photos taken as they do not meet the requirement of photo and video shooting. There was a program in Fox broadcast which leaves the viewers to be left wondering whether the producers of the program were bewitched or had fallen on their own spell. The program showed the movies of landing on the moon without clear video clip. The clip had some features missing which are obvious to be found in the background. The Apollo pictures shown do not have all the features. The pictures claimed to have been taken do not have stars in their background and this is clear evidence that the photos were not taken but drawn. If the pictures were taken could have been having stars, since when at the moon, stars are large and should have appeared in the background of the photos. The pictures taken at night have a dark lunar sky but without stars which is probably hard thing to happen. The video clips also have some important features missing like the steps the individuals took does not resample the normal mans’ walking style. It looks as if it was a setting or an edit from the computer.

There is a picture taken of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on top of the moon trying to deploy the American flag. They have deployed the flag and hold it from the bottom. The flag is viewed waiving. One person hold the flag while the other is holding the post, and the flag is waving showing that wind was present. The argument concerning this photo suggests that on moon there is no breeze while the flag was moved by wind. This showed that the photo was edited and person who did the work did not have clear knowledge of the moon. He made a photo which did not resemble the real life or what can happen on moon. The argument further indicates that the flag is supposed to be still if taken from the moon.

The arguments about the photos without stars have been proved wrong by photographers, since they do not meet the requirement of proper scientific arguments. They say that it is difficulty to capture something very bright and another dim in the same place, and this shows that there was a likelihood of cameras failing to capture the stars due to brightness. The picture of waving flag shows that when planting the flag they moved the post forward and backward hence the wave. Not all flags needs breeze to wave but physical force can be applied.

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