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Public transport, to my mind, is a weak point of the Emirates. It received the greatest development only in Dubai. Only in the capital, comfortable buses equipped with conditioners can deliver you strictly according to the schedule to any point of the city. The route and the exact schedule can be learned at any bus stop. The only drawback, I think, is a way of the bus movement which is chosen in an unimaginable way so it usually takes a long time to reach a destination.

I am sure that the government of the United Arab Emirates takes the most active part in the implementation of the development plan of the transport in this country. The successes reached at the construction of the route Shahama-Saadiyat connecting the island of Abu Dhabi, Shakham through Yas (Yas) with the island Saadiyat have been demonstrated recently..The local council operatively created a consortium of experts for the construction of this route in cost of 501 million dollars. The state financed 40 % from the total amount of the infrastructure expenses, and other means were provided with private investments.

Thr UAE government has plans to construct high-speed passenger and cargo railways, which will finally connect the city with other Gulf States in the capital besides the large-scale construction plan of roads and bridges. Two lines of the subway as well as a network of city electric trains, trams and buses will also be provided for the inhabitants and the guests of the UAE.

According to the program of the city development called “The plan of Abu Dhabi — 2030”, the government declared the intention to construct the high-speed passenger railway connecting the Abu Dhabi center with the capital district and the international airport Abu Dhabi.

The cargo line will work within the same network and will connect the new port, the airport and Dzhebel-Ali with other Gulf States. The government thinks that Abu Dhabi is required not less than two lines of the subway with a high capacity. One of them will pass from the island Saadiyat and Al Mina through the Abu Dhabi center in that part of the city where the region of the Grand Mosque District, the Capital district, and RahaBeach are situated. Another line will cross the central part of the city from the east to the west connecting Al Reem and Al Suwwah and reaching Marina Mall.

The new capital district is designed as a place of the governments’ residence of the emirate and the country. There will be offices of the ministries and embassies as well as public medical and educational institutions. Special transport lanes which pass along wide city boulevards will be allocated for a network of city electric trains, trams, and buses.

As for the city road network expansion, the government plans to construct two highways which connect the island Saadiyat with the airport and connect Al-Rome and island Saadiyat with Al-Rakh’s beach. The construction of the system consisting not less than of ten bridges is also planned; these bridges are included into the development plan of the central business area located on the island Al-Suvva. They will connect the city with islands Al-Suvva and Al-Rome.

The revolutionary changes of the transport industry in the city will also concern the sea transport. The development of the KhalifaPort includes five stages; it will turn into the multi-purpose sea enterprise located in the sea; its area will make 2,2 sq. km.

The construction of the third terminal and the second launching pad at the international airport Abu Dhabi as well as a science and technology park, the expansion of a free trade zone, capacities for cargo processing and a new, dominating object — the X-shaped Midfield Terminal Complex are also included in the development plans of the UAE government .

Youth in the UAE

The youth’s life in the UAE is determined by the social, economic, and political situation of the country. I think, the youth of the Arab Emirates is more interested in having a good salary and their own housing than in struggling for the democracy in the country.

According to the latest research of the “Arab Youth Survey 2012” which was carried out by the agency on public relations “ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller”, the Arab youth living in the United Arab Emirates prefers to have a good salary and their own housing to struggles for the democracy.

Receiving a fair salary is not only a collective but individual priority for those who took part in the research. In particular, 82 % of the respondents answered that this factor was “very important” for them.

In spite of the fact that young people stated their concern about the cost of life and the prices for housing among other problems, they, nevertheless, look ahead with optimism.

The government of the United Arab Emirates offers different actions for the youth’s education and development. For example, “they suggest increasing computer literacy in summer camps to assist the youth to develop computer literacy in the region”. At the end of the summer camp period, the outstanding students are awarded with prizes and gifts during the final ceremony. In this way, our government encourages the youth to participate in overcoming computer illiteracy in the region.

The government also creates specialized programs for the youth containing, for example, a necessary and exact information about health. This decision is accepted on the basis of the last data on a health condition of the young generation of the United Arab Emirates presented by the ministry. Many other educational programs and youth developments are also realized. All of them cause a huge interest and participation among the youth.

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