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People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

People believe they are supposed to go to college or university when they are children. At that time we are not able to figure out whether it is right or wrong. The parents keep telling us “Get into a good university and find a good job”. As we grow up, it becomes the constant rule in our consciousness. In the real, getting into a university is optional.

However, attending university is a very important experience in your life. Most students are young people. They need to learn being independent and dealing with people. All freshmen are required to live into school dorms. They have roommates, who may come from far away. They all have different habits. Students cannot be selfish and think only of themselves. They should learn about someone else’s viewpoint to consider things. The students of similar age prefer to stay together on campus because they share same interests and common topics for discussion, such as music, boyfriends etc. They can enjoy their life and to do exciting things for just for fun. I am a freshman in the American university. In the evenings there are plenty of parties when people have a chance to get together. We sing and play cards. It is a lot of fun. Also, we get the freedom. We have the free time to do whatever we want to do. We are allowed to choose the class we like. There are some things we are not going to try ever again, like living with friends in the dorm rooms and enjoying the excitement of moving out for the first time in our life.

University has the resources allowing us to figure out our future. We can choose the course we are interested in. We are able to find out what we want to do. After graduation our college life is over, which means we grow up and have ideas on how to move on. We should take responsibility for our own lives. As for me, I prefer to study abroad to learn different cultures. That is why I came to the United States; I think Chinese university education cannot be compared to the US education. I want to be open minded. The Americans universities are organized by local and international students. During this process I will understand more than one language. It probably gives me more chances in the future when I work for the global company. Meanwhile famous people come to the university to give the speeches, like president Obama, Steve Jobs. They give us advices and talk about their life. Some of them are the idols for many students. They can be so close to facing their idol. That must be really exciting. Also, it can stimulate students and expand their life experience.

University is a place that provides students with an opportunity to practice their skills. They learn to take care of themselves and how to become the adults here. University can bring more chances for students to develop their talents. They do not need to be afraid of the failure here because this is the school of life. This is the class people have to take to get ready to going into real life.

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