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They wept together for the things they now knew. They wept because they were not truthful on each other for long time. It was apparent that their secrets had also contributed to their not-speaking-to-each-other for many months. But the main question was whether Shoba and Shukumar had revealed everything to each other. Perhaps each of them thought that each one of them was genuinely and had confessed all their sins to each other. In spite of this, they cried. They cried and cried. They held each other tightly. They held to each other tight. It was intense. It was a mixture of feelings. Was it remorse? Could there be genuineness cropping up for the first time? Was one of them still holding something back? Sooner or later, this was to be clear.

“So?”, Shukumar asked.

“So?”, Shoba asked back.

Once again, they held on to each other. In the mind of Shoba, it was clear that she was out for revenge. Lack of communication had led to silent plans by the wife to move ahead. Was her cry based on the fact that she had organized for a private apartment? It is apparent that part of her cry was because she wondered how to present the biggest secret. Having prepared the way, it was now the time to let the cat out of the bag. It was painful.

“So, goodbye. Goodbye Shukumar?”, said Shoba.

“And what is that supposed to mean? Is it a joke a something?”, Shukumar asked, somewhat surprised.

Shoba replied, “Yes dear, it is a joke. It is a joke that this has happened to us. It is a joke that we could lie to each other in such a manner for such long times. It is a big joke Shukumar to waste each other’s time. I never thought this would ever happen to me. You know me. You know I am a person who pursues justice, even if it would take me a lifetime”.

At this point, Shukumar cuts her short, “What are you talking about, we are now an item. I cannot understand this”. The gentleman was curious.

“You know that I will seek justice here. We are not worthy of each other. The foundation is already shaken. I think it is already weak, it cannot support our marriage. There is no longer trust. We are human beings. I do not want you to be reminding me of my mistakes each and every day of our lives”

“Go on”, said Shukumar.

“I also do not want you to be reminding me of what I am about to tell you. I have planned my life. I have a new apartment”, asserts Shoba.

Shukumar was struck with awe. He could not simply believe his ears. But is case, Shoba had changed her plans. She confirmed that the new apartment would be for Shukumar, and she would be gone forever. Gone forever from the face of the earth.

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