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In my opinion Sarty is a dynamic character based on his conduct and manner in which he carried out himself. In the story there are enormous depictions that sarty is a boy who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and adventurous. At the courtroom he effort fully   crouched at the back of court room which was crowded in the spirit of trying to get hold of the proceedings against his father. The other aspect which depicts sarty as a dynamic character rather than static is his struggle and venture to establish where the justice table was positioned in the backed court.

Sarty was able to decipher that there were tiny cans of cheese on the ranked shelves on the other side of the room and in spite of not comprehending the lettering he was able to deduce what it was due to the smell and hermetic meat that his intestines according to the story built the concept in his mind. Sarty’s character is a dynamic one because from the above description of his behavior and attributes he is a boy who is aggressive and eager to know what is happening and to comprehend what is around him.

In my perspective, Sarty’s father is an arrogant and dangerous man because basing on the story to some extent, I am convinced that he is the one who burned down the barn of Mr. Harris and his son was aware of the circumstance as expressed on his behavior in the courtroom. The father had strings of horses which he referred to as “captured horses” which is an indication that he was fond of raiding and stealing horses from other people. His arrogance is illustrated in the way in which he talked to his son and his family; there are many incidences in the story where he ordered his son with harsh voice for instance when he was asking sarty to assist his mother in unloading from the wagon.

The other dangerous aspect of him is that he has vengeance tendencies for instance when he asked his son if he was fixing to   tell the truth about his act of burning Mr. Harris’s barn in the court. Sarty’s behavior in the court and his contemplation was to tell the truth against his father and as a vengeance move, his father called him out and hit him with his hand as a consequence.

The emotions of Sarty as revealed in the opening paragraphs illustrate a difficult situation for him characterized by mixed emotions. The courtroom was crowded which made him tensed by crouching at the back of the room. When he was called upon to stand in the witness box against his father he is described that he felt he was walking on space under his bare feet. Sarty felt enormous grief and despair because the place had vicious smell and at times, he felt he was in an old pull of blood which is fierce.

The language in the final paragraph describes a scenario whereby it is an aftermath of excruciating struggle and pain. The kind of resolution that it suggest is the idea of taking a deep insight of the conflict  and inculcating in oneself the aspect of taking time alone to cool off in serene environment that facilitates peace of mind.

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