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The major concerns of moral philosophers in this book are the problems related to ethical statements and ontological and epistemological nature of correlative problems. According to this article, ethical statements may be analyzed trough the approach of construing them to be absolutist as well as dispositional.

This has two divisions with the first one addressing the characteristics associated with analysis. It has been identified to be absolutist in the first place as compared to being relativist. It is also perceived to be dispositional because there are specific conditions that govern behavior. Another important characteristic is the objectivity of this type of analysis because there is a possibility of formulating them in form of conditional statements in a mood that is subjective(Firth, 1952).

The analysis of the ethical statements is also associated with relationality in the situation that ethical terms are construed in a manner of application of ethical term in reference to specific thing. This analysis is also empirical in its attempts of defining characteristics of the ideal observer in consideration of the feelings of desire or emotional (Firth, 1952).

The second part of the division relates to the content of analysis. This offers the possibility of formulating an absolute as well as dispositional analysis that is satisfactory in as far as ethical statements are concerned. It is a believed among two philosophers that if there is a perfect agreement of the implication of ethical statements and that the communication ability has no limitation of accidental ambiguity, then they fall in category the relativists or the absolutists.

The article goes further to give the characteristics that the ideal observer posses. One of them is omniscient with respect to the facts that are non-ethical (Firth, 1952). The other characteristics is associated with the ideal observer are omnipercipient, disinterested, dispassionate, inconsistent, and in some other respect, the ideal observer is normal.

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