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At first the Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” was printed in 1603. However, many problems that were urgent at that time are still do not have the appropriate solution. Such problems as morality, love, hate and spirituality are urgent today.

While reading the play it can be noticed that Hamlet could act in different ways but he took one of the ways that people condemned. Morality is one of the problems that was very urgent many years ago and is still urgent today. Hamlet wanted to take revenge because of his father’s death and he wanted to take human’s life, to become a murderer. Of course, such position censured and according to moral values it is inadmissible. When people lose relatives or beloveds they cannot think at ease, they want to find guilty and punish them. Such situation is very popular nowadays. Many modern books, films and even life situations prove this. There is no single solution for all similar events.

Love is the second feeling that was popular at all ages and will be popular in the future. Love is a feeling that forced people to do unbelievable deeds and crimes. Hamlet was not the exception. He loved his father very much and because of this he wanted to punish the murderer of his father. His blind and big love did not allow him to see that he became a murderer too.

Hate is the opposite feeling to love. This feeling is very strong. Sometimes hate can commit a crime as well as love. Hamlet loved his father and hated father’s murderer. These two aspects joined into one strong force and Hamlet had no choice. In our daily life, every day people come across many situations when they have to choose what to do. Sometimes their choice is not right because they are blinded with hate and love.

Hamlet’s spirituality was displayed in the theme of the afterlife. Hamlet believed in it. It makes people easier to go over bereavement of beloved and relatives. Nowadays, people believe in it too. People think that their dead relatives or beloved protect them from all troubles.In addition, people believe that some dead relatives and beloved come in their dreams and help them to solve the problem.

All previous evidences show that Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is immortal play and its problems are urgent today. Such terms as love, spiritual, hate and religion are the immortal themes. Moreover, in many years these problems will be urgent too, because wise people say that everything repeats in the world. Many people will not change their thoughts and way of thinking.

There are many books like “Hamlet” that provide many evidences that people at all times are similar. “The Divine Comedy”, “Beowulf” and “Oedipus the King” are the best examples. All people estimate the same values and judge the same sins. However, under some conditions people can change their way of life and their attitude toward moral. Sometimes they cross the bound between “wright” and “wrong”.

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