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The road to the Hollywood is very difficult to travel because it takes many years to reach the destination. In the movie Rudy Daniel Rudy represents himself as a football player. Rudy gets this status as a football player after struggling physically and academically in University of Notre Dame. When he has passed his two years at college and now he thinks that it will be his last game of his senior classes. His friend Fortune as a maintenance worker convinces him to keep the playing in college. In a scene of this movie Rudy is not motivated by his friend as keep to practice and play the game. But Rudy considers that he is not in a position to play in college and thinks the practice futile for himself.

Fortune remembers him that he has accomplished him so far, it creates a self esteem for the Rudy and he changes his mind in sense that his dream is not a complete failure. Fortune discourages the Rudy to quit and announces a reward for the Rudy. When we are dealt with the plot of the movie, we come to know it as first movie that Notre Dam administration allowed to be shot on the play grounds of the university and on campus since Knute Rockne and people of America. Illinois and Indiana were main places to capture the scenes of the movie Rudy. Daniel Rudy attended the local high school football team before joining the College football team at University of Notre Dame.

Main Character of Movie Rudy is the Daniel Rudy born in 1948 and dreamed of playing the football at Notre Dame. Due to his average grades he got job in navy and also worked at power plant. When his friend was killed in an industrial accident at the plant, it galvanized the Rudy to pursue his dream and this pursuance was the reason of the film Rudy. Rudy Ruttiger finally got admission at Holy Cross Junior College. Rudy was succeeded to play from the University side and he stressed to play with the fighting Irish in a real time. When we relate the term Direct Definition, it describes the way of communications telling us about our behaviors and labeling us. Our teachers, peers and family members have thought about us. Sons and daughters are advised to assist and do and don’t do. Our main character is Rudy who has the positive direct definition that enhances his self esteem. It says that you are still young and smart and can play a good game. Identity Script defines appropriate or expected sequences of actions in the life of Rudy as a football player. It defines the role of a good player in a team as the Rudy plays for his own side.

Psychologists define identity scripts as rules for living and identity (Berne, 1964; Harris, 1969).

Self esteem makes a man confidant to achieve a goal in his life. When someone says you as get lost then you have to think about the comment and person who says these words. You take it a joke from your friend or insult from the employer. As a football player Rudy was committed to his self esteem. Rudy has self esteem as a good and committed player to pursue his friend’s goal.

What is Self Sabotage? It describes the self talk that reveals the communication in which we say that we are not good and we have no strength to do this action. Rudy was not convinced by his friend Fortune to continue the practice and play the football. Rudy was in condition of the Self Sabotage because he thought that it would be his last game.

Uppers and Downers behave to reflect our appraisal in life. People act as uppers when they admire our strengths and accept our weaknesses. Rudy as player was reflected by the spectators in football play and they have positive views about the Rudy. On the other hand downers reflect negatively about the Rudy performance in playground. Downers point out the flaws in the Rudy and emphasize the Rudy problems.

The most basic set of the human needs are physiological: eating, drinking, breathing and excretion (Maslow, 1943b).

Rudy in his life strived to achieve the state of homeostasis and behaviors which seek the satisfaction of physiological needs. Physiological survival is the very utmost need of the Rudy in his life. Safety need is also required in the life of a great man like Rudy. When physiological needs are met then it emerges a new set of needs called safety needs. Rudy needed the physical safety, financial safety and protection to secure the life. Rudy selected to play from the side of University of Notre Dame to make his career safe. Love needs come after the physiological and safety needs are met in life of Rudy. The love needs emerge as a result of the physiological and safety needs are completed fairly. Love is a great perfection in Rudy life. People must have the opportunity to love and be loved. Social bonding includes the partnerships, development of the friendships and team work. It happens in life of the Rudy as he is member of the football team.

Esteem need is another kind of needs. When physiological and safety needs are met in the life of the Rudy then needs relating to self esteem required to determine the self behavior. As the self esteem is the important components of the human needs it must satisfy the self esteem requirements in Rudy career.

These needs have been described as a desire for self-respect based on accurate assessment by oneself and other trusted people. The development of self-esteem and ego strengths leads to feeling of self-confidence, worth, strength and capability; these emotions propel behavior toward the higher goals. (Maslow, 1943b).

Self-Actualization is the last point of the Maslow hierarchy of human needs. When all above discussed needs are well satisfied then self-actualization emerges to build the human behavior. As the Rudy gets job in navy to support his family so he shapes his self actualization in real manners in the movie Rudy.

Honestly I am impressed with this movie as it is so sweet and there is strong sense of realism found in movie. This strong sense provides me a great base to its appeal. I have found it plausible from the start to its end. Rudy has made genius struggles as his family is poor and cannot afford to attend high level university. He represents a self committed person to achieve his goals in his life.

Who cares how much effort I put in, if it doesn’t produce any results (Rudy) .

Daniel Rudy Ruttiger entertains the people with his majestic style. He shows the same enthusiasm to school, college and university athletes and portrays the human spirit which comes from his personal experience and his triumph.

Rudy’s presentation was a huge hit and helped make Global Sales Conference a booming success. (Jocelyn Talbot Sr. VP — Telesales, Monster.com).

Rudy movie is based on true story as Ruddy faces many obstacles in physical and educational requirements. This is great movie as I have seen it as a most motivational movie of nineties. As we compare to the day it addresses the same appeal as it before.

Having met Rudy and exchanging mutual philosophies, I find him to be an individual of exceptional character and broad goodwill. (Sylvester Stallone).

If you had only a tenth of the heart of Rudiger, you could have been All-American. (Coach Parseghian).

Coach of football team has asked another player about the importance of the Rudy and his great commitment for the America. He also said that it is hard to find players like the Rudy in present days. Therefore coaches have great respect for Rudy. This true story has impact on our lives when we take the main character and look ahead in our own future. We can set our life goals remembering the Rudy life and his aims to play not only for himself but also for the America.

In this paper we have discussed about the movie Rudy and its main character Daniel Rudy Ruttiger. We have covered the main terms used in the book with reference of the main character. What are the definitions of these terms and their meaning with perspective of the Rudy? Maslow theory of human need has also place in our paper. Finally we have discussed the comparison of the Rudy’s life with our own lives.

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