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The anonymous poem “I am nobody” By Emily Dickinson is quite popular. The writer incorporates certain pronouns to gain the attention of readers with the piece of art. The means the writer uses are: alliteration, simile, and satire. The poem contains two quatrains and the rhythms of the poem alternate. In the other poem ‘The Brain is Wider than the Sky’, the writer raises the issue of human intelligence by comparing the human brain with the sky and deep waters. Dickinson’s poems challenge the lazy minds to question their position and to realize the abilities that are laid in their heads.

In his short fun poems Walt Whitman is concerned  about the major topics,  using only ten lines, the depth of which ones is not truly realized by the readers at a first glance. He is a thought-provoking writer, as, for example, in his poem ‘A Noiseless Patient Spider’, he encompasses the usage of a modest and tiny spider to talk about the whole universe. He also uses metaphors when comparing creatures with the human soul. Furthermore, the writer is sometimes characterized by his love for socializing. His poems are fulfilled with excitement, as well as they can be viewed as perfectly cooked appetizers. The message transcended by his two poems clearly displays that humans are the social animals who work best, being in company of others.

Furthermore, Mark Twain can be described as a humorous writer who uses his talent to criticize people’s behavior, so that they can be changed for the better. He advises people on how to present them when addressing to the audience or telling stories. Twain highlights different scenario on how people behave, being in the center of attention. For example, people tend to manipulate every detail to make their story look better, or they can repeat a line several times with the aim of creating boredom amongst their listeners. These two examples use humor to criticize people’s behavior without annoying their readers.

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