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The narrative “˜Invierno’ was written in the first-person narration type of storytelling. Since the protagonist is narrating the story it’s therefore safe to note that the whole narration was written basing on the protagonist ability to explore and in turn expose even the finer details which helps to comprehend the activities making the story. The protagonist has been successful in his effort to depict the manner in which matters are conducted in an average immigrant’s household. For instance, it’s through the protagonist’s way of describing events in his home: a Dominican home that readers are made to understand the stereotyping which exists within the immigrants of color in the United States. The use of distinct diction and figurative language by the different members of the family portrays the way each member feel about each other. It should be noted that the key functionality of narratives are meant to present activities which happened in the past in a rather more subjective and elaborate manner altogether. The narrative is particularly focused on presenting the believability and rationality about the cultural aspect in the family. In this narrative there are four characters. The father is perceived to be the head of the family and is mostly portrayed to be fending for the family. He is loving and protective since he ensures that his family remains indoors during the cold winter season in case they get sick. He is also a disciplinary man as he “smacks and pinch” his sons’ ears whenever they disrespect his orders altogether. Mother is perceived to be caring and considerate but is tired of waiting for the day she would get the first glimpse of her new neighbors. She remains obedient until she cuts her curiosity short as she embarks on taking the children for a walk through the snow. The narrator: Joaquin wants his family back home (Santa Domingo) since he is not given a chance to play as he would when back home. He seems defiant and very inquisitive about his surroundings. He loves his mother and brother despite the hurdles: loneliness. Rafa loves his family too and is not about to disrespect his father’s orders. He does not wish to jeopardize the family by going against his father’s wishes altogether. The speaker, Joaquin, perceives people from his race to be more attractive to those in “North America”. He says of them “Neither of them were handsome children” (Wainscott 582).

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