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Poems written by Romantic William Wordsworth showed how he was in love with nature. One of his favorite sites was Lake Country, a place where he spent most of adult life. He demonstrated simplicity in his poems. Both Romantic poets and Romantic landscape paintings, like Twilight in the Wilderness– found at Cleveland Museum of Art, focused on reaching a wider audience. The emphasis was on uniformity of human nature.

Aspects of Romantic view of nature that are still in existence are religion; mankind’s past, present, and future; human nature; politics and ethics; childhood, love, and marriage; Art and Science; Immortality and Death; Man and Woman.

The two viewpoints might have some effects on a 19th century reading audience in communicating the authors’ purposes. The first person writing will make the reader own the content due to the high regard to individualism. Writing in the third person will not influence the reader to own the message being passed across as it does not promote originality as proposed by Romanticism.

Comparing the two authors, Frederick Douglass’ autobiographical Narrative and Mark Twain’s fictional Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, they both wrote on racism and its effect on slavery. Both exposed hypocrisy of the white Americans who viewed themselves as civilized. There were structural differences between the two texts. Douglass’ work is a personal narrative that gives his experience as a slave, but also includes the experience of fellow slaves. Twain’s work is a popular novel.

Comparing Sojourner Truth’s autobiographical Narrative and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s fictional Uncle Tom’s Cabin, both female authors wrote in opposing slavery. However, Truth’s autobiography focused on Northern female slaves while Uncle Tom’s Cabin focused on the Southern male slavery.

Contributions made by Indian immigrants to the American society are vast. They are leading in innovation, wealth and job creation in America. The Indians have developed more engineering and technology companies than other immigrants. There is an indication that the Indians have overtaken the Chinese. The Indians have made significant economic and social contributions to the American Society.

During the 19th century, the West experienced tremendous growth in economy compared to Asia. The developments experienced in the West were due to well developed institution and governance frameworks, which were lacking in Asia. However, in the 21st Century, Asia has recorded a rapid increase in economic growth compared to the West. The rise of Asia has been attributed to exposure to Western trade that has led to change in bureaucracies, thereby leading to propulsion of Asian economy to greater heights.

Economic hardship and war facilitated most Asian immigration to the U.S. in the 19th century. The immigrants also wanted to take part in the construction of the railway line in America. Today, Chinese immigration to America is influenced by the quest for a market to sell new technology, innovations, and establishing companies.

Manet’s paintings were rejected by the Salon at the Louvre because they contained images of nude women. However, men appeared in full dress hence sparking controversy. The paintings were unique as they were different from what the other painters were accustomed to. Manet’s reputation as a ladies’ man may have also contributed to his paintings being rejected.

Manet may have wanted to show the existence of prostitution in the society at the time. The nude picture and the black servant with flowers were a show of immorality as blacks were regarded as hyper sexed. The painting would not attract the same attention today due to modernization.

Verdi and Wagner were the greatest opera composers of all time. However, both men were different in any other aspect. Wagner developed the orchestra and even invented an instrument. He demanded more vocal power from the opera singers. However, Wagner was unscrupulous due to the borrowing habits. Sometimes he would undertake character assassination of his former friends whom he had borrowed money from them, like Giacomo Meyerbeer.

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