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“She dwelt among the untrodden ways” is one of the most famous works written by the English poet William Wordsworth. William Wordsworth is certainly a distinguished person for English literature as his works helped to launch an absolutely new literary period, the Romantic Age. The poet has a set of works that are all dedicated to Lucy, though there is no particular evidence whether this was a real woman or not. It is believed that Lucy, the main character of the poem “She dwelt among the untrodden ways”, was highly likely an imaginary muse for the writer.

This poem is written in a rather simple language, and thus, it is easy to understand. Simplicity and vividness are certainly the main distinguished features of this poem and William Wordsworth’s literary style. This English ballad is created using iambic trimester and tetrameter that help to make it rhythmic and enhancing. One more element that was of a particular interest for me is the way William Wordsworth uses metaphor in his poem. The writer compares his muse with a violet that is growing “by a mossy stone” and is “half hidden from the eye”.

It is also possible to mark the use of simile in the following lines: “Fair as a star, when only one is shining in the sky”, when William Wordsworth continues his description and comparison. The writer makes an emphasis on the loneliness of his muse that is not only a particular single flower, but can be compared to a lonely star that on the contrast to the sun, is not a dominant object and can only reflect sunlight and others.

There is no clear view on the poem as there can be differences in its interpretation. It is possible to suppose that the poem is dedicated to his imaginary muse that lives calm but beautiful life. This woman can hardly be characterized as a very beautiful one as she looks rather plain as compared to other women; however, William Wordsworth makes an emphasis on her inner beauty and soul that are truly beautiful, though far not everyone could see it. He proves this idea in the following lines: “fair as a star, when only one is shining in the sky. She lived unknown, and few could know”.

The shift from one notion to another is also used in order to emphasize the dreamy state of the author. Further in his description, he uses metaphors as a bright way to make readers fall to thinking and make their own analysis of the poem and their life. A great deal of metaphors and symbols help a reader understand the beneficial influence of nature and the way we are interrelated with it.

As a conclusion, it is possible to say that William Wordsworth was a real nature lover, and this feature is remarkable and charming in his poetry. His poem “She dwelt among the untrodden ways” is full of warm and tender emotions that the writer has towards his muse. The poem is also full of calmness and pleasant tranquility.

The poem is a real work of art as its simplicity does not affect the blend of beauty that it is full of. All the images the writer creates are quite vivid and startling in some way. The poem is a rhyming one, and the structure of the poem is rather traditional. The metre and the rhymes can be characterized as quite regular and predictable, but still, William Wordsworth’s poem obtains certain uniqueness and charm. In my opinion, the writer uses these elements and techniques to foreground the main idea of the poem and help the reader understand his thoughts and emotions.

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