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All through my entire life when I was growing up as a little child, I always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. This meant I had the passion for practicing at the bars within my home country. Thus, I had to think of the avenues of attaining this. My mother, who is indeed my greatest mentor in the world, encouraged me to read and watch the programs, pertaining to the investigative series. Such movies involved the CSI among others. As I grew up, I learned to like the works of Miller who actually encouraged me on his pieces of work like The dark Night of the Soul. Another inspiring book that made an impact on my preparation towards becoming a lawyer was the book by Arthur Doyle The boys Sherlock Holmes.

Miller uses his book to stress on the positive impact reading would have on a society. Reading and writing has, however, been replaced with the latest technologies. The effects of technology, as portrayed in Miller’s works, are ruthless killings throughout the USA. Miller insists that the scholars learn how to make and use dangerous weapons after having watched the television. The harm of the technology in the society is more than anything else can indicate this.

In the book, Holmes is fond of real addictive drugs, especially when he lacks stimulating cases among those he has in the corridors of justice. He injects cocaine in a concentration of seven percent, which can become lethal according to the medical law of the land. Moreover, the book shows how the society was down, ridden with lots of drug traffickers in the late 19th century.

The works of the authors in the past were much valued in the society. Holmes is a successful detective, whose determination drugs deter is clear here. Readers are equipped with a new knowledge every time. The author does portray Holmes as being exceedingly infallible, yet at the end of the book Holmes clearly tells Watson to whisper something in his ear to the tune of bettering his services at the corridors of power (Doyle 113). The potential in Holmes does not come out to the maximum due to the effects of his lifestyle.

The boys Sherlock Holmes has put an emphasis on the neglection of societal values in the days of Holmes. I have observed the connection between the fall of a society and the failure to fully use the literature. This book has profoundly influenced my perception of reading and ultimately made me watch some favorite programs by CSI on the television. The novel has had a deep touch to me. The main thematic influence in the book is the issue that pertains to the value of proper investigation in the contemporary society (Doyle 120).

In almost all cases, students are skeptical about the importance and value of reading and writing in a society. Written work is a lasting resource that can act as a tool to carry knowledge down from one generation to the next. Unlike literature, technology is unique and spreads faster. Misleading information can spread quickly through the Internet and television. Modern students require training on their reading habits.

On a personal note, I concur with the idea that the value of proper and justified system of trial is generally watered down in most countries that are dogged with corrupt deals. Additionally, while reading Miller’s passages, I have learnt to aid the literary society by keeping the spirit of writing and reading alive. This is the only avenue through which information can pass from one generation to another. Indeed, reading is extraordinarily crucial factor in the life of a lawyer. A lawyer needs to understand the scripts while reading between the lines.

The manner in which the two authors have organized their passages is highly enticing to the reader, and this has not left me out of the same. The way they capture the reader’s attention is unique. The real message only comes out as the story winds up. Both writers place emphasis on the value of writing and reading in modern life. The technological advancements have blurred the distinctive line between fiction and facts that have significantly affected the justice system in America (Doyle 122).

Doyle advocates a return to the old-fashioned principles of reading novels as forms of entertainment, contrary to the newer forms of entertainment, like videos, cinemas and the likes. I feel in concurrence with him that the books act as reliable sources of information, unlike the new form of technology that continues to derail the entire literary world with many jargons that have no proper educational foundations. The books we read can never draw an individual into the worlds of fantasy just like the video games do in today’s world. Miller also echoes these same sentiments in his book (Miller 442).

I believe that every individual will agree with me that the next generation should concentrate on the effectiveness of critical thinking attributes. These should incorporate the factors like in depth reading, thinking and writing. It would then bring up a whole community with proper and down to Earth activists. Just like Miller, Doyle wonders whether it is appropriate for the first-year-student teachers to praise their students for the generation of arguments without proper base or foundation. These arguments, according to Miller, have no consequence in the current society band beyond (Miller 442). Since there exists remarkably limited hope in the fate of higher learning in most educational settings of the world, a need to generate this hope lies in the ability of the individual to face desolate world and the threats involved, which are exactly the urgent realities.

There has been a remarkable progress in the education system in the 1960s since it concentrated around the written word. During this period, the learners appreciated the importance of the written word much more than they could have imagined. I understand that whoever I am today dictates what I will be in the future. This is because Miles believes individuals should think critically of their current situation and onto the ways of bettering this existence through the various forms of communication. Advancements in technology are indispensable and impeccable attributes of the society, but all in all, this attitude of regression at the expense of progression is a worrying matter (Doyle 112). The advancements in technology simply drive the human race towards confusing and sickening situations, which could otherwise be avoided through the use of the simple forms of technology in the early 1990s when technology had a relevant effect onto the lives of individuals in the world. Miller says “the only way out is through”.

It is clear that Doyle’s work is obviously different from the works of other writers in the way he discusses topics in a truly casual manner to reveal the sensitivities of nature. This comes out better looking at the unique skills he employs in the organization of his work. This, indeed, is quite different from other writers who worked in the same field, bombarding the readers with lots of dense words, which they had to look up in the dictionary in order to understand the whole idea of the passage. This prompts the current breed of readers to constantly idle in the Internet with an excuse of looking for the definition and reverse definition of certain words, used in the book. He therefore advocates a much all-round form of writing, where the reader has little or no time to refer to the dictionary.

The current system of education should incorporate the values, learned from the plays or novels, written in the early centuries into mere practical situations that are taking place in the current society (Doyle 116). An example is the case of the delightful play Hamlet. The play is amusing, but it is also necessary to link the similarity of the events in the drama to the real world situation. Miller asks for the relationship that joins text of a story and its meaning and the tenuous connection between language and reality (Miller 319).

When the reader gets the message the writer intended to pass to the audience, it becomes more meaningful to read more. Students should be able to obtain this by themselves. Plays such as Hamlet pass information that is relevant, but it requires careful reading. I felt eager to read more of Doyle’s works from the experience I got with The Boys’ Sherlock Holmes.

Most curricula in the modern English syllabuses do not concentrate on the past as a means to seek foundation for the modern developments in the same department. This brings a picture that the past form of education is indeed desolate and valueless. It implies that the past information lacks the attribute of proper exploration as put forward in the modern society (Doyle 115). Yes, I strongly agree with Miles that this exploration will only be attained through a revolutionized system of governance in our education standards. This involves the reintroduction of reading and writing culture back into the education system in the country. Thus, it will avoid the junk food entertainment in the modern society.

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