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“Stone Soup” and “White Noise” are the two readings that are thought to be thought provoking as per analysis of choice four. While “Stone Soup” is a familiar name for a soup that was created in somebody’s imagination, “White Noise” is a similar example of the same outcome but has a more technological and modern meaning. The common denominator between them is that they both describe the “˜Family’. The main subject is whether the family has changed. However, considering the many changes that happened since the last 50 years, there is no doubt that the family has changed greatly due to the impact of technological changes.

“Stone Soup” by Barbara Kingsolver is a documentary that discusses about the true meaning of family success. It focuses on what constitutes success to families that do not fit out cultural stereotype. She talks about how the reality of divorce has changed the face of the family and how people’s ideas and images of how families look and operate have changed as well. As a result, “non-traditional families” take the place of the original image of “family.” Kingsolver makes one an astute observation when she says, “The sooner we can let go the fairy tale of families functioning perfectly in isolation, the better we might embrace the relief of community.” (Kingsolver 69) This helps people understand that with any change, it is necessary to let go of well established and often ideas in order to become open minded so that understanding of change will help in understanding modern society. This is a continuous process.

Through the story, Kingsolver’s moral lesson is that if all families cooperate, they will indeed be successful. In “White Noise,” the setting of the story is an action-oriented look at a segment of the population in a small college town. The story focuses on minute by minute occurrences in the lives of each of the main characters to explain what is happening so that we can form our own opinions about what the concept of whether the family is changing or not is really like in this modern society. The story takes place in 1980’s when the world was revolutionizing technologically.

Families could not adjust quickly enough because they could not understand the phenomenon quickly enough. The inundation of information led to people Coping behavior and problems resulted from the benefits that were gained. Over reliance on experts to give meaning to information that people had formerly been able to reason out themselves as intelligent beings became common which led the way to misinformation, miscommunication, and deception becoming part of the new norm. People of all ages forgot how to think for themselves. The feeling of ethical behavior and being in control of life (and in control of death) became more of a problem than ever before.

The whole dynamic of the family changed somewhat because the younger members became nearer the older members in the ability to gain knowledge in the form of information and even an opinion about it in the form of an expert. The value of knowledge, experience, and age had seemingly been changed drastically to the point where the young people were feeling more powerful and the older people were feeling lost. That feeling permeated through society’s whole family value system and was cause then as it still is today for analysis. Roles have changed and continue to change, some for the better and some for the worse. Technology and change continue to keep life and the family system within it on its toes. In conclusion, the face of the family has greatly changed and will continue to due to technological changes.

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