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She heard her father’s deep breath and a silence. She heard just uncomfortable silence and some telephone noise. It was not for the first time, when she asked him for money, and before her father always helped her and gave some boring lectures on rational money spending, but never turned down her requests. However, this time something has changed.

“I know how difficult the life in a big city is, but I did not turn you out of the house, you are my youngest girl, and maybe it is better to come back”¦”

“Pa, no! My life is already here. I cannot leave all my dreams and go back to the village. For the last time, swear, pa, give me money for my rent.”

“I cannot answer you right now, because”¦ (he made a pause) I have an issue. Can you wait a few days? He asked very quietly.”

“Oh, pa, it is killing me, “a few days””¦ Ok, but will you send me or what should I do?

“Be patient, please. I will tell my answer tomorrow.”

She hung up the phone without a word. She knew that he would help her as usual. The youngest child is always a special one in a family, the whole experience, love and attention of both parents turns to the youngest one. She is not a bad girl, but a bit selfish and expects that father would help her anytime she asks no matter in what financial situation her pa is. In some way it is her father’s fault, who showed her that he would always be there for her. He has been her best friend and helper since the moment he saw her in the maternity hospital. There was no doubt they still had that father-daughter connection, but all kids had the tendency to grow up and with time that connection could transform or change somehow, but never ended. His daughter became a specific young lady with ambitions which she could not reach. She was changeable; her longest relationship was 2 months long. She needed money all the time, because instead of paying the rent she bought a new dress or purse. She used a lot of slang to pretend that she was a real cosmopolitan girl. Nevertheless, her father adored and indulged her, perhaps because she was the copy of his wife, who had gone few years ago. She was a living reminder of his beloved woman.

After the call, he went out to think about the situation. An hour later he came back home, where he lived alone as all his children moved to different cities and occasionally called him. He did not judge them as all of them had their own families. He understood that he was just a father..

He sat on the couch and closed his eyes, his arms were folded. He was sitting in a complete darkness for ten minutes, and then he went to another room and took from the table one piece of paper. He read carefully it again and again. His green eyes were full of sorrow and one lone tear fell down. That moment he made a decision and as a man, no, as a father had to carry it out. There were no ways back; he took a telephone and dialed the number from that piece of paper.

“Hello, Dr Mitchel?”

“Yes, nice to hear you. Are you ready for the next week?” said doctor with enthusiasm.

“About that”¦ I called you to tell that I am cancelling the operation.”

“What?! Why? You know that your heart needs that operation, I told you in how dangerous situation you are. It is impossible. What is the problem?”

“Dr Mitchel, I prefer not to talk about the reasons. It is personal, but thanks for everything you have done for me, you are like a son for me. Thank you and goodbye.”

Now he found money for his girl, no matter how, she would never find it out.

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