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David Lawrence is one of the most distinguished English writers who created a great number of highly praised works that were mainly related with such topics as relationships and the impact of modernity and industrialization. The works of David Lawrence are full of emotions, and they cannot leave the reader indifferent as his stories reveal many feelings and thoughts. “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” by D.H. Lawrence is not an exception as this story is truly emotional and very deep in understanding.

Deep Understanding in “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter”

The story “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” starts with the narration of Mabel, who is the horse dealer’s daughter, and her life does not look easy and happy at all. Mabel faces serious financial difficulties after the death of her mother, and her emotional state can be described as highly depressed. Mabel is not alone, she has three brothers; however, it is easy to see that there is no support from their side. The thing is that Mabel is not very close to her brothers as their life views seem to be quite different. Moreover, there are noticeable personal and physical separations between them.

As compared to her brothers, Mabel looks rather plain and uninteresting; she does not show many emotions and is rather reserved in her feelings. Her brothers, on the contrary, are very handsome and attention-grabbing men. Mabel seems to be rather independent from the first sight as she managed to take care of the house herself without the help of a servant.

An interesting detail is that though her brothers seem to be dependent on Mabel in some way, still they have great control over her emotions and actions. Mabel’s brothers often give her a great deal of advice and recommendations concerning her life and wellbeing. However, their words are rather full of superiority than care. Mabel’s brothers teased her much more than tried to support and encourage. Anyway, Mabel does not take her brothers’ words much into the account, and she is quite indifferent. Besides, “they had talked at her and round her for so many years, that she hardly heard them at all”.

In the beginning of the story the siblings are sitting around the table and discussing their necessities and life. Everyone is not in a very good mood and seems to be worried. The author also provides the reader with the description of Mabel and her eldest brother Joe, who was “broad and handsome in a hot, flushed way; his face was red, he twisted his black moustache over a thick finger, his eyes were shallow and restless”.

Two other brothers, Fred and Malcolm, are also described by the author. Such an approach helps to imagine the characters more vividly and associate their appearance with their inner world and character. David Lawrence also gives the reader a description of the family history in order to better understand the background of all current problems and difficulties that exist between the siblings. We found out that their father died quite early, and after that their family faced very serious financial difficulties.

Some time later, Mabel decides to go to the graveyard in order to feel connected with her mother in such a way. Mabel feels rather lonely as there is no support and love in her family. While Mabel is in the graveyard, she is noticed by a doctor coming nearby. He feels attraction to her from the first sight though it can be described just as an interest. Their meeting is a sign of destiny as the doctor saves Mabel when she tries to commit suicide. Mabel was so depressed and lonely that she wanted to drown in the pond. However, Jack saves her and takes care of her in his house. When Mabel became conscious, he says that he loves her. The author describes that Jack is extremely fascinated and enchanted by Mabel, and such emotions frighten her. Mabel terribly lacks true love in her life. However, she does not trust Jack and does not believe his sincerity and the fact that he really loves her.

The Impact of Industrialization on Human’s Life in Stoty

The story discusses a great range of topics including the power of primal desires, the impact of industrialization on human’s life and, certainly, relationships. The story makes the reader feel rather depressed by the end of it as you observe how difficult it is to live without true love and support. Mabel, the main character, did not have true love not only in her family, but also she did not believe Jack’s words concerning his feelings. It is quite difficult to see how people are looking for their true love and cannot find it.

David Lawrence’s short story is full of serious and rather tense atmosphere. Such an effect is achieved with the help of the description of the weather. The author often describes the weather in dark clouds as, for instance, one of the evenings when “the afternoon was falling. It was grey, deadened, and wintry, with a slow, moist, heavy coldness sinking in and deadening all the faculties” (Lawrence).

 David Lawrence pays much attention to the setting and its interrelation with the characters’ characterization as in such a way it is easier to understand true feelings and worries of the characters. Windy and cold weather helps to make an emphasis on Mabel’s depressed state and her bad mood. The writer also uses a great number of metaphors and epithets such as, for instance, “a flame seemed to burn the hand that grasped her soft shoulder” in order to make the narration more vivid.

  Moreover, an interesting detail is that the author makes an emphasis on the eyes as in my opinion he tries to show that even though Mabel and other characters try to hide their true emotions and feelings, still their eyes reveal all the worries. Moreover, David Lawrence makes an emphasis on the eyes every time when he describes the appearance of his characters and their images. For instance, the writer states that Joe “watched the horses with a glazed look of helplessness in his eyes, a certain stupor of downfall”. Such a technique in the narration helps to understand brother’s character better and see his weak points that seem to be hidden from the first look.

The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” by David Lawrence is certainly a great example of the way people have to struggle and overcome difficulties in their lives. Mabel’s life does not seem to be an easy one, and she terribly lacks love and support; however, she tries to cope with it. This story also shows that one should not give up in spite of difficulties and troubles in life. This idea is true as the author does not let his main heroine die and she is saved by Jack. David Lawrence is surely an amazing novelist, and his style of narration and great ability to make an emphasis on setting and in such a way to better reveal his characters is truly worth attention.

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