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The Jaws Log is a novel written by Carl Gottlieb generated from a classic film going by the title, Jaws. The film is based on Peter Benchley’s novel, Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is on a white shark petrifying a beach resort. The Jaws Log is on the yearlong production of the film. Initially Carl Gottlieb was in the film cast but as he went for the shooting they discoursed the script with Spielberg who appointed him as the screenwriter (Gottlieb 35). When they finished the filming Gottlieb with the help of Spielberg recounted the shooting events and the people in the film.

In the book Gottlieb shares stories from the making of the film. He gives an account of how he became the screenwriter in Too close for comfort. During the pre-production phase the cast are only given their specific part of the script to avoid leakage but in this film Gottlieb had the opportunity to discuss the script with the director and hired to be in the set. By the time they get to the location everything has to be in order and finalized. On the contrary it is revealed that they had to travel to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard so as to shoot a script that had not being finally modified and not all the cast were found (Gottlieb 92).

From the lectures the pre-production phase comes after the script is complete. This works in saving time and money. The longer a production takes the film making becomes pricey. A change in the script may be an advantage if some scenes are slashed, adding scenes may lead to the film incurring extra costs through addition of new cast or material. In the production of this film the script was revised causing delays and expensive modifications leading the production department into desperation. He discloses a part where the prop man had to go and fetch beer which was not shown in his script and this forces the production crew to cover this with a grand for the twenty minutes they waited for him (Gottlieb 136). The surprises that emanated from the modifications made were not amusing.

During the principal photography which is the actual filming there has to be adequate security and prior arrangements have to be made especially when the shooting takes place at a public location. Another aspect to be considered is ensuring that all tools and equipment to be used in the filming are in good working condition. A slight overlook may cost the production. In the book it is stated that during the scene where they film the boat being tipped to the side by the shark a mishap occurred. The boat abruptly started to sink and everyone was on board. They all jumped into the ocean salvaging the cameras so as to prevent the film. One of the casts was trapped in a cabin in which he was to be filmed in, but he successfully manages to get out of it. The boat capsized and sank; although the swimming men were rescued the ocean was full of equipment that was to be used in the filming. Fortunately the camera’s film was safe. The boat had a hole on the side caused by one of the restraints detaching (Gottlieb 179). There was also a day that was lost due to the presence of many boats within the camera’s range.

This book provides the inside story of the events during the making of the film giving the behind the scenes situations. It is a great guideline to the production department with ground experiences that any filmmaker can relate to. Every uneventful situation may have been caused by human error and necessitates the importance of planning and responsibility in film making.

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