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Superman is a perfect example of a humorous, touching and puzzling movie that clearly expresses such virtues as patriotism, honesty and honor.In one way or another, it shows what can possible happen to the humanity or the Americans in particular. It reveals a lot of sociological issues, although they are not a part of the superman concept. To understand the idea of a superman, it is necessary to realize that philosophical ideas are mixed here with comic activities of the hero whose only work seems to be flying around in tights.

Superman is directly related to the concepts of justice and truth in the American way. He can be described as a crafty person with great intuition and superior intellect. He is ready to protect the generally accepted moral codes and virtues. In the modern society, every person has some traits of a leader. In the history, there are some supermen who face difficulties and have to deal with the idea of being ordinary. It is a great challenge for an actual superman to appear in the world since a lot of members of the society are common people. So, the main goal of the superman is either to fight against the mediocrity of the society or turn it into a standard raising it to the level of a superman.

Superman is against the reign of Julius Caser or regime in the society, especially if it goes about the American one. His key goal is to see the humanity healthy, independent and morally stable. Superman tries to prove that the Americans have the power and ability to become better. They can improve themselves and develop into the nation which would leave the present-day generations behind.

Superman is a clear example of a mythical hero. The origin of the Man of Steel can be associated with those of Superman (Beatty, Scott). The Superman character was designed to inspire common people and put an end to the slavery. He was supposed to protect the innocent and support moral practice in the society. Like any other mythical hero, Superman is of supernatural origin. He was the only one who survived after his planet had been destructed. His father brought him to the earth to save. This is a mythical analogy with the old Biblical leaders and prophets like Moses. Superman also has some mythical links to Michael who was in strong opposition to Satan. Therefore, Superman is against the immoral behavior of the Americans and is ready to do everything possible to see them live their lives happily and according to expectations of the mythical powers.

At first Superman started leaping from tall buildings, and as time passed, he started flying. At the same time, cars and airplanes were getting more and more popular as a way of transportation for the American people. Superman became an image of the American super power. The message he wants to pass to the people is that they possess an outstanding power to fight against all immoral practices in the society. He has a split personality; one of which has supernatural powers while the other is an ordinary one in the everyday world. In this case a leading role is played by myths in the process of influencing the views of the nation.

The movie shows the cultural as well as ethnic diversities among the Americans. This is because such a hero shows an ideal that can be easily recognized, in particular an American ideal. This is a civil belief that has a concern for the cultural identity of people in America. Whenever the series is shown on TV, its main idea is that one is able to fight for truth and justice in the American way (Siegel and Shuster). The myth about a superman in this case is an attempt to ensure that the truth and justice is possible for everybody. In this case his key role is to guarantee law and order in America. He uses all his power to put the criminals behind bars, especially when they break the law on private property. In other words, his powers are used to change the social conditions and fight against urban crime, homelessness, and poverty.

Superman is a symbol without any stereotypes. He has super power which helps him put in prison even the most dangerous criminals. However, he has no power over legal injustice. Superman does his best to rescue every human being, regardless of class, race, ethnic, or gender characteristics. The key role of this symbol is to make sure that America is a safe place to live free from all criminal gangs and activities. Therefore, Superman is a symbol and a mythical model. All his activity is aimed at promoting cultural reality in the era of the world war.

Moreover, Superman has a positive motive in protection of the property of Americans. He is willing to rescue any American who is in need of help. It is clear that most people doubted the powers of the symbol, although there has been a shift in the cultural reality of the world and Americans in general. One of the most important changes is that there are no more rules that provide for aggressive military power. Superman is also a patriotic symbol in the American government because all he does is for the good of America. The only thing he wants is to make it a better place to live in. He is also a symbol of peace and justice as he works closely with the police and other security departments to ensure that all the criminals are imprisoned.

Superman is a clear symbol that is created to show what other people think of America. In this case, it is seen as a superpower that should not tolerate even the smallest immoral activities practiced within its territories. In the general context, America should guarantee the security of less powerful countries and protect them from direct exploitation by the powerful ones (Moore and Swan).

To sum up, the man with the letter S on his chest is the personification of the American way, truth and justice. Superman is a great symbol that lets people learn from his actions. He is not just a character or a story hero. He represents all possible aspects of human coordination as people can do both good and evil things. Another clear aspect of this story is that both good and evil result from human actions. People will always try to destroy each other to take the things which belong to another person. The primary message of the Superman story is that American power is used not only for the good of American nation. It should be widely used to ensure that there is peace and justice all over the world. Superman is no longer just an American citizen. His calling is to protect the whole world and the eternal global values.

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