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What role does gender play in the artifact?

Human trafficking in the documentary is basically based on the female sex slaves. According to the documentary, the human traffickers traded the women to be used for prostitution business in foreign countries. Turkey being the major hub of the trade, the naïve women from Ukraine and Moldova would be lied on by being offered good jobs which would pay them up to $ 200 a month. In the first instance, the trafficker considers the status of the female prey. The most targeted are the poor women who doesn’t have any other means of living and that their going to abroad would change the lives. The poor women are easily lied to and easily agree to collaborate with the traffickers in passing through the airports. Though most of the trafficked women know what they are required of, they still move on and make their way to the prey.

The female gender is the ideal prey for the traffickers to reap maximum from the sex slaves. The documentary features women as the most vulnerable group in the society in terms of the human trafficking. It is not clear if only women are the only trafficked gender or are men being also were trafficked. The documentary has concentrated on the weary suffering that women are exposed to while search for a better living in the foreign missions. The male in the documentary are actually the receiving master. They are involved in using the women to source money. The traffickers comprise of both male and the female but most of the male remains to be the sex slave masters. The documentary conclude that female are generally vulnerable in the hands of the traffickers and moreover the foreign police collaborate with the traffickers in facilitating the act.

What assumptions about gender are made in the artifact?

The female have been assumed to be vulnerable in the society for various reasons. That they make irrational decisions; according to the documentary, 70 percent of the women being trafficked know where they are heading to. It’s just a mere 10 percent that that doesn’t know what exactly they are going for in abroad. Basically the female prey are depicted as being unable to depend themselves against the traffickers with their sweet deals for money they give in. The governments affected by the trafficking are reluctant to end the act. For instance, a woman who tried to get for refuge from the police was retuned back by the police to the traffickers. The documentary put the problems encountered by the sex slaves on the governments’ failure to act on the masterminds. For example an incidence of the woman mastermind was never arrested even after being featured in the act of human trafficking. 

The male are being depicted as being more composed and not easily carried away by any suggestion. The man who wanted to rescue his wife from the traffickers decided to deal with a women trafficker whereby she was able to direct him in getting the woman. The male traffickers also used women to get the sex slaves right to their hand. Therefore women were basically featured to be used by the men to get their satisfaction. The women lured by the traffickers were unwilling to give out information on the act of trafficking because they risked being killed by the traffickers.  That is perhaps the reason why the act could not be exposed. Basically the act committed on the helpless women was just brutal and that the governments couldn’t fully fight the criminal act at once. The general assumption in the documentary is that women are just easily taken by sweet deals of money that they are vulnerable to the human traffickers.  

How the artifact Portray  gender

The aspect of gender in the artifact has presented the female as the main culprit of sex slavery human trade. The artifact is right in its presentation that only women fall victims of slavery to foreign countries. Women have however been shown to be victim of their own as the main character in the artifact is woman from Turkey. Men have on the other been shown to either facilitate the vice or to actively gain from the mistreatment of the trafficked ladies through commercial sex favors. Women usually fall prey to human sex slavery due to their venerable position that the nature has placed them. The case of the woman in the artifact who has been left at home by her husband and later fallen into the hands human traffickers further justifies vulnerability of the female gender to human trafficking.

 It is perhaps due to the discriminations in the provision of employment that leads to women being easily recruited into the activities of human sex slavery. The guise of employment has always been presented to woo women to sex slavery since most of them are desperate for any form of employment. The artifact has however fellow women being used to recruit other women into the ungodly vice. Some of the women being recruited into the sex slavery are presented in the artifact as having prior knowledge of the awaiting ordeals raising doubts for their lack of self dignity. It is for instance disgusting to find a woman in the artifact warning other recruits that they have to subject themselves to their predicaments since they were aware of what they expected. The suffering that the women are subjected to upon being delivered to their destination countries however puts to test the integrity of men and their respect for women in society.

The artifact gives out the case of a woman who is repeatedly raped despite the men being aware the woman was some several months pregnant. The artifact presentation of women being recruited and being sexually exploited at the expense of men convinces me that its men’s gender that contributes to the advancement of human sex trafficking.                            

How I would change the artifact

Since the artifact depicts women as the main victim of human sex slave I would put more emphasis on the causes of the vice. I would encourage more government involvement in the monitoring of the activities of the port where this trade usually operates at. Thee action would ensure that loopholes for persons benefiting from this vice are blocked. The unemployment reality on the ground would also be a major site for address bearing in mind that this is the root cause of the inhuman acts that the victims of this trade are subjected to.

Justice to the culprits and the victims also ought to be taken into consideration to ensure that other human being do not fall into the same temptation that they can benefit from this venture. More campaigns on the reality and existence of these activities should be given special emphasis to educate the masses on the dangers as well as inhumane acts that fellow human beings take part in. Despite the surface appearance of the activities of human sex slavery as a wrong act the male gender should ensure its not a beneficially of the vice.      

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