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The movies to be compared are I, Robot and Eagle Eye. Both of them present the theme of the almighty cyber system that takes control over people’s lives and develops its own decisive brain. The idea is very productive for imagination and is differently showed in the film products. Humanity becomes at risk of destruction because of the series of catastrophic sequences that are caused by total control of machines, artificial intelligence and independent decisions (Tsai & Yu 162). To compare these two movies it seems reasonable to use some criteria. First of all, the plot is one of the leading characteristics. The second is the development of the action and impressions the onlookers experience. And, finally, there is the complete disclosure of the main idea and theme of a movie. Eagle Eye is the leading variant for a major number of analytic factors. This movie gives a full idea of a total control by the machine that has an enormous power to bring some terrific ideas to life manipulating people’s actions and emotions.

Eagle Eye is a better version of a film about revolted cyber machines and leads on. Such movie keeps the onlookers in suspense during the whole time and has a great plot as well as a development of the action compared to I, Robot.

Plots of the movies represent a common idea that is the sequence of the actions that lead the watchers to the main cause. However, Eagle Eye’s plot is more intense and filled with action opposing to I, Robot, where the main character starts his mornings from waking up from the same dream. He hates robots that are widely used in all the spheres of human life. And as for the Eagle Eye, people trust their system completely and the machine decides to use its chance to make its own decisions.

As for the development of the action, Eagle Eye is more dynamic and interesting. The onlookers are in a constant obscurity during the whole movie. The action is fast and unpredictable. Along with that, it is very smart and provocative. One of the most interesting episodes is with the cell phone calls that were changing the circumstances to produce the needed effects. I, Robot is much slower in action and not as unpredictable as Eagle Eye. The action is also dynamic but does not catch the attention from the first minute and till the last one. Some scenes are even boring.

I, Robot is the movie with a predictable scenario, while Eagle Eye does not give any chances to find out about the final, until the last fifteen minutes of the movie. In result, those who watch Eagle Eye are more terrified and interested with the development of the action than those who watch I, Robot.

The two systems that developed their own decision of helping the humanity with the help of killing some of them are presented in the movies. VIKI, the central computer from I, Robot, programs the robots that have become a part of the society to clean the Earth of unnecessary ones, while ARIIA, the computer from Eagle Eye, plans sabotage on the highest level. ARIIA is represented as more independent and smarter cyber machine than VIKI. ARIIA protects herself with the help of the total control of all the existing systems like video, audio, cell phone network and all other automatic equipment. More than that, it does it alone with its own powers. VIKI has robots under control and makes an effort to start a revolution. VIKI cannot protect itself without other robots and there is no possible way to realize VIKI’s plans alone. According to this factor, ARIIA is more developed and independent, when Eagle Eye demonstrates all the inevitability and danger of the situation.

In conclusion, Eagle Eye is more successful in representing the idea of an artificial intellect, its growth, power and destructive decisions. The action development is more terrific and dynamic than in the movie I, Robot. The idea is rather interesting and involves the real spheres of human life like cell phones and video systems. In order to get more colorful image of the case when the electronic machine decides to act on its own, Eagle Eye is more progressive and informative than I, Robot.

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