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“Life is Beautiful “’is an Italian tragic drama film directed by Roberto Benign, who also stars in the movie. The movie won three Oscars including Best Foreign Film, and Roberto two Oscars for Best actor and Best Music (Celli et al 13). This movie, which received numerous positive reviews and enjoyed enormous financial success, features one of a group of directors who have steadily helped Italian cinema back on its feet again after decline in the 1980s crises (Celli et al 11)

This paper will explore the role cinema has played in Italian culture since 1917 when Italy became the first country to start the avant-garde cinema production movement under the country’s futurism sentiments. The paper will also show Italy’s commitment to cinema, including the building of the Cinecitta and development of Neorealist theme in 1940s and 1950s (Cooke 9).  The tragic switch to horror and thriller themes in the 1970s will be studied, and the tragic consequences to the success of Italian cinema discussed (Benigni & Cerami 32). It will explore the rise of Italian cinema and its influence on the world cinema especially through development of unique themes such common life as opposed to the common themes of politics and crime, as depicted in most western movies.

The paper will extensively use referenced materials to relate the major themes across Mediterranean region since the 1950s, and will also detail the decline of Italian cinema between 1970 and 1990. The role of ‘Life is Beautiful’ in restoring Italian cinema glory in the years between 1997 to date will be investigated, including its inspiration to subsequent movies such as ‘The Son’s Room, 2001’, and the 2008 film “II Divo”. In the paper, the future of Italian cinema as a significant influence in Europe’s culture will be explored (Bullaro‏ 17).

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