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The book, bridging the gap on little income and big debts, raises issues in which the author proposes a number of ways a college student can manage money during college years. The author’s perspective on managing the finances comes from the fact that author learnt from the past mistakes during the college years. The perspective of the author is that a student should maximize the value of what he is paying for while in college, and should always grab opportunities when they arise. This is because a student is surrounded by opportunities everywhere in the college and should minimize the level of debt.

From the book, the perspective that I take is that students, while in college, are often faced with the necessity of making decisions that would influence their adult life. Most of the students try to live a life that is mostly influenced by their peers. Most students, while in college, don’t take studies seriously, hence, not making use of the value of cost they are paying for, and lowering their GPA which reduces the value of the degree. It is important also for a student to grab opportunities that are presented while in college, this will help the one to gain experience and build ones resume, as well as obtain necessary skills, like leadership, in the fields one specializes on. It is important for one to live within their means and avoid extravagant life. The points that I agree with are that studies should be taken seriously as this will determine the future of on individual once the college life is over. A student should be able to grab the opportunities that arise during college years as this will help in acquiring necessary skills in one’s specialized field, and also in building the resume. One should also use a credit card to pay for books as this will avoid building high interest rate. Bills should be paid immediately as they come and used once a semester, then the credit card should be kept safely.

The points that I disagree with are that a student should live poorly and should not dress properly. Nowadays a student wants to experience high self esteem to his peers and this highly rises one’s image and self-esteem. I do not agree with the point of seeking a job that is related to your course for even a lower pay. My disagreement in based on the reason that college degree is universal and one can easily adapt to any field due to successful training and personal interest. Having achieved the college degree, one receives the opportunity to pretend for a well paid job so as to prove the value of the degree.

The advice that would follow is that it is important for a person to get college education, besides, one should maximize the value of his or her time and try to minimize on debts that would cost post graduation opportunities. Hence, it is highly recommended for everyone to take studies seriously in order to improve the value of the degree, and totake advantage of opportunities that would help in improving the leadership skills and the resume.

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