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The movie called Malcolm X was released in 1992. It is a motion picture about the Malcolm X’s bibliography. The film was produced, and directed by Spike Lee on the base of The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Haley. It is one of the dynamic biographic films, since it portrays the inspiration of Muslim figure. The movie focuses on Malcolm’s life from birth to death. It depicts the time when Malcolm was a criminal until he was assassinated. Malcolm X is the main character in the film. Other characters are portrayed with the help of the actors: Betty Shabazz, Malcolm’s wife, Elijah Mohammad, who was the leader of National Islam, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Albert Hall, Denroy Lindo, and Al Freeman. The co-founder Panther Mandela, Bobby Seale, Nelson Mandela, and the Rev are cameo characters of the film. Spike Lee plays a small role in the film. He appears in the scene as Malcolm’s fellow criminal.

The main events incorporated in the movie include Malcolm’s early life, criminal career, incarceration, his service in Islamic Nation, conversion to Islam, marriage to Betty X. It ends with his assassination, which took place on February 21, 1965. The early life experiences include his father death and mother’s illness. The movie also elaborates his attitude to racism which is created in the movie through flashback.

The movie begins by burning of American flag in which X says that they do not see the American dream but only experience nightmare. The film reflects the year of war at Boston. It is followed by several criminal activities committed by Malcolm and his friend Shorty. At this moment, Malcolm is referred to as Little. They committed a series of crime in order to make money. Little joined a gangster called West Indian Archie. After sometime Little and Archie had a conflict regarding money. They had a fight, and Little went back to Boston and reunited with Shorty. In Boston, Little admired a white lady, and they fell in love. Little and Shorty planned to rob a home of a white, wealthy couple. They committed the crime and were put in prison.

In the prison, they performed hard labor. One day, Little heard the word of God and decided to be converted into Muslim. When he accepted the word of God he was converted, but he could not kneel down, though he was willing. One day, Mohammed appeared to Malcolm with the word of encouragement, and he was able to kneel and pray. After the expiry of the jail term, he was released and went to join Nation of Muslim. He went to Mecca. Malcolm found his love and married Betty X, who gave birth to his three children. People attempted to kill him and his family by bombing the house, but the family escaped unharmed. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm was out to give a speech at Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan when he was killed. Three suspects were arrested.

In the movie, the notions of race and ethnicity are reflected. Malcolm found a friend of muslin member in the prison. He told him how important it was to be African American. The movie has an aspect of conflict because Malcolm tried to fight racism. He was put under arrest because he was forcing himself to be what he was not. When he was converted to Muslim, he tried to teach people that African American race was superior to all races. The movie teaches people to respect their dignity and be proud of their originality in order to avoid troubles.

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