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In my view, the movie focuses on the Western invasion of the Asian community. The Europeans occupied Asia and spread their ways of life in the continent leading to the realization of significant changes. As the story opens, Wong Fei-hung opens a new clinic at the Canton region. He moves ahead to hire two people to help with some duties. The party who stands out is Wong as he attempts to help the poor within the community. Some disgruntled individuals set the clinic ablaze forcing Wong and his compatriots to seek revenge. From the introductory part, I learn that in the Asian community, helping the needy is a plausible virtue. This view is supported by the notion that Wong was out to help the unfortunate in the society.

Wong and his colleagues believed that the torching of the clinic had something to do with the West and its sympathizers. In the pursuit of revenge, the three clinicians also decide to counter the spread of the Western civilization across the region. However, they later realize that they are up against a strong tide since they literarily cannot contain the Western wave. From this, I learn that although some people resisted the western culture, its spread was unstoppable. Further, this establishment indicates to me that the Western civilization was highly admirable or appealing to most people. Another aspect that I learn is that revenge within the Asian community is a critical attribute. As the story develops, Wong is determined to exact revenge against those who torched his clinic.

In my view, the movie is a critique of the Western civilization. This is especially relevant since the civilization disturbed the normal life of the locals, in addition to breeding violence in the region. Further, the Western ways of life contributed towards the drowning of the Eastern spirit of helping one another.

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