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Sampling design / statistics is the process conducted in order to determine the relevant population of the research .Its the method of selecting or choosing a probability sample and procedures to get the approximated survey variables from the chosen sample. Sampling is the statistical practice which deals with the choosing /selection of an unbiased subset of a person’s observations within a group of people with intentions of learning about the population concerned .It is carried out specifically with the purpose of making predictions based on the statistics. Sampling is a very useful tool in data collection because it is affordable in terms of cost, its faster and possible to obtain accurate and quality information since it has a small portion in terms of the data set (Stuart, 1962). In order for a statistical exercise to be successful, it’s supposed to be based on specific problem definition. For instance, in sampling, there is need to define the population from which the sample is carried out on.Populatipn can be all the people a researcher wishes to acknowledge. Therefore the main goal here is to get a representative of the population research is to be carried on.

This sampling design /statistic is based on the population of the real estate/housing. This is a research aiming at evaluating a population size of about 3400 individuals. It divides the population into groups depending on home possession requirements and wants of each group. The sample size was just appropriate for the research topic because this research process was mainly focused on finding out the average amount of individuals living in the rural areas with the total population of less than four —thousand people who are in real need of assistance in finding better and affordable homes or houses. Therefore through the sampling design, the research would be easier since a small portion of the population will be used to learn more about these people and hence try to offer the necessary support of looking for more affordable homes by each individual (Smith, 1993).

Bias or an error in sampling process is experienced when the survey sample carried out does not correctly represent the entire population, the possible sources of bias or error that could occur when sampling (validity and reliability) includes the unrepresentative source or selection source. This kind of error occurs when the survey sample is chosen from a specific area ,for instance in this research ,its just a small portion of the population that could be selected to represent the entire population which needs assistance in acquiring affordable homes ,the rest of the population will be left out hence making an error.

Another source of bias is the non-responsive source. This occurs when the selected individuals are unwilling to participate in the survey process. The participants differ in meaningful ways from those who are not participating in the survey sample thus making it not reliable.

Self-selected volunteers are also another source for sampling error or bias. This bias occurs when individuals volunteer to participate in the research and they tend to exaggerate their views concerning the problem at hand. This makes the sampling design not reliable. The exclusion bias occurs as a result of leaving out a particular group from the sample. Bias /error could be as a result of measurement process. This includes the environment in which the research is conducted, the format of questions asked and the mood of the participant.

In conclusion, sampling design /statistics is a method of data collection which is easy, affordable and more accurate if a larger number of the population is selected so as to avoid the errors or the bias from occurring during the survey or research process.

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