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Norms can be looked as aspects relating to intellectual or an artistic matters that advice the use and denounce the practice of certain kind of behaviors in clearly defined occurrences. There use can and for quite sometime have proved valuable to somehow reliable to controlling social actions. They are that important because they are able to define the appropriate means and terms that allow different people from diverse location to mingle. For instance, the direct on the best possible behaviors such as forbidding of terminating others’ lives, causing harm to them, fulfilling their bets and obligations as well as abiding by the set laws (Posner 28). However, as much as they might look to be helpful within the society, to many scholars, they fail to agree on the manner in which they describe them, how they apply, and how they came to be (Hechter and Karl-Dieter 3). In addition, sometimes is a word applicable to indicate a varied ways of regulating good and encouraged behaviors in the society. Norms indicate the directions that make some people have the motive to behave cooperatively discarding their own behavioral wishes. Due to the complications that face many scholars in understanding the real meaning of social norms, the best applicable way to describe norms consists the proper understanding of a source of a particular norm with its proper accounting of its content, implementation, and its effects.

Trying to establish the contents of norms can be tricky but there are generally three ways through which one can approach the situation and explain the normative aspects of norms content. Firstly, one can much have interest on the behaviors that characterize ego, secondly the empathy of the particular reactions of ego inclined towards changing that particular ego and finally the aspects that affect the harmonization of the original ego and its alteration.

Norms indicate the existing character patterns where “an individual may change his behavior, especially his social actions, either to protect his interests under new external conditions or simply to promote them more effectively under existing conditions” (qtd. in Hechter and Karl-Dieter 5). For instance, in the automotive industry of America, manufacturers have the urge and mimic the Japanese economic strategies where managers end up adopting models that work better than their earlier choices. In addition, the academic organizations globally indicate impressive likeness. However, as much as they can succeed in doing so, the process will involve lots guesswork, trying to replicate the guidelines that will tend to give beneficial results. On a different perspective, individuals can apply certain situations used on different situation to new ones.

Irrespective of the initial motive to behave in a certain manner, the resulting behavior has great accountability as they try to keep up with the new demands, like the older ones, they tend to feel interested as the later is the prevailing socially accepted norm. For example, looking at the Jewish demands and regulation in the consumption of pork, the outcomes show many relations in the likeness of choice of the pork itself and the trichinosis associated with it as well as their will to change the eating habits. Making these changes in their lives, the new behaviors supposedly forms the new behaviors becoming normative and even prevails for long periods after the disease is eliminated (Hechter and Karl-Dieter 6).

A study by Fernandez-Kelly of 1995, as indicated in Hechter and Karl-Dieter show that teenage pregnancies in the disadvantaged residents where there is poor approach to living to responsible adulthoods coupled by lack of proper learning opportunities and employment, motherhood is the eventual consequence (6). Because in these places the young moms tend to get encouraging consideration, they lead to high rates of teenage pregnancies where their option to be mothers has lead to this kind of behavior acceptable in those areas. These young girls violet social norms because their actions seem excludable from society (Posner 28).

In summary, the understanding of social norms will call for establishing of the contents building the particular social norm as well as its source, implementation and how the consequential effects go. Due to its may be positive benefits, individuals or even companies mimic other prospering characters in the quest to succeed. In the process of acquiring/mimicking these new characters, there is a lot of try and error and when they succeed to acquire the new characters, they tend to retain them even after the prior threats are over. In addition, since individuals (teenage girls) have positive attention in their society, the act of becoming pregnant becomes acceptable within their living areas. Their instinct about marriage that may end in loveless relations lead to them becoming premature mothers (Posner 75). Thus, social norms have descriptive aspect, which always have a prescriptive aspect in it.

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