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The lust story by Susan Minot is about a girl having sexual encounters with many men. The girl tells us the tendencies of each man she meets with and how they approach her. This story tells us about how the society portrays sex and how people view it. The girl tells us about the men she is with; she describes to us about the circumstances she finds herself in with the boys. She is goes to boarding in New England, and she finds no one to show love as she grows. Her parent neglects her she has never had a family to grow up with and have no love and care. When story begins she does what she enjoys and like, but as we continue one realize the girl is searching for a solution to help her forget the pain she has deep inside.

The girl in the story is an active sex teenager because the girl lists to us the names of men she slept with and tells us how the encounter was. She has no untoward attitude because when she narrates she is not arrogant. She does not appear shameful about her actions, but one see she is not boasting of her achievements. After, all this encounters the author tells us how she feels deep inside.

The girl feels sad deep within, she says she is feels like a piece of pounded veal. She is not feeling proud of herself or happy for having slept with many men. Her describing of her image tells she feels so depressed inside her and ashamed. Although she is in a boarding school, she tells us her parents do not know what she does at school. From the story, one can see although, the girl has slept with many men it is not her fault. After sex, she says she feels something deep in her ruining the girl curls like a shrimp, and she gets worried. These feelings in her show us how deeply she feels after having sex with men. It shows that she feels not proud of herself because after sex she feels disgusting and it certainly downgrades her in her life. She says she cannot ask or say anything the man because she thinks it is her fault. At her age, she cannot understand why she feels that way, she concludes it is her fault for feeling that way, but one sees it is not her to blame.

She feels worthless in her life from the conversion we get when she talks with her girlfriends. Her friends complain about to making her to talk about her problems. Her friends can see that the girl is not doing okay with her boys’ friend; they see the girl gets tired of her life. She has no other interest in life except for sex and boys, and she thinks this will make her happy. The girl is not happy with a life because men are only interested in getting sex from her. We see that the girl lacks confidence and self esteem because she cannot say no to boys who want sex from her. She feels that is if she does not sleep with the men she will love her, and love is what she desires in her life.

By her parents sending her to a boarding school, she feels that no one loves her, the only thing she feels is that the men she is having sex with will love her and able to show what love is to her, when at doubt the girl thinks in a wrong way. She begins to feel that the constant feeling of sex and used by men makes her feel that she over does it. The next day the girl becomes totally absent minded, and crossing a street and she nearly getting run over.

The girl decides to search for love which she uses as an outlet to escape. She finds love with sex in school since her parents did not properly give her the love she desires. She decided to get the love elsewhere because her parents are unable to do so. What was all relevant to her was the need for love as a young girl. She uses young men in school as a means to fulfill her desires. The young men are young to be in a relationship thus, they use sex as to satisfy their relationship. At school, no one cares about what she does at a point the headmaster tells her does not care of what she does if only she does in public the headmaster will question. Her house mother treats them to her perfect ideas or mission about her finding true love in her life. Her parents and teachers do not care about her, and what she does while at school. The girl realizes how separate she is and asks the boys she is with who he is. She tries to stop them, but she ends up feeling a sinking discrepancy in her when she wants to change.

A disappointment comes at her life at the end she gets to know that men do not give her the respect she needs. They take as easy girl to get and all she desires is sex. She decides to continue with the same lifestyle because she does not know how else to behave. The girl gets disappointed and feels worthless with no ambition in life and no desire to succeed in life. She realizes she engages in meaningless relationship after the other one.

Despite all the disappointment the girl, she does not change as one expects. The girl learns it is not easier to open your heart as compared to legs. She proves to herself that she is a fragment as ever. The girl still does what the boys want though she knows it is wrong. It is not a surprise to her after the briskness of loving what surprises her is what she knows all along her life.

The girl needs to someone to tell her what wrong she is doing and come to the right part of life. She may end up being pregnant and contact sexually related diseases if no one tells her the danger of involving in sex. Love is all about doing what is right for oneself the girl parents disappoints her by her showing her what love is. Parents need to bring up their children showing love to them. So that they may not go search for love elsewhere just like what the girls does. The parents and teachers at school are needs to correct wrong behavior before it is uncontrollable.

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